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74 DAYS AGO | 5.10.2024

Pastry Chef Officiates Epic Gay Wedding In a Cave, And It’s Just As Cool As I...

Meet AMM Minister & first-time Officiant Tonette Lawson, aka Chef Toni of Tesserts, and read about the epic queer wedding in a cave she officiated for daught...

A brown leather briefcase sits outside in flowers, a wedding officiant's emergency kit

120 DAYS AGO | 3.25.2024

You’ll NEVER Guess What’s in These Officiants’ Emergency Kits

A few surprising items you’ll find in a wedding officiant emergency kit, for officiants who perform ceremonies in unique and unusual locations.

517 DAYS AGO | 2.22.2023

Two Texas Officiants Make a Splash with Underwater Weddings

AMM-ordained officiants Nicki and Brandon Storm offer inclusive and personalized underwater wedding ceremonies in San Antonio, Texas, as well as scuba certif...

795 DAYS AGO | 5.20.2022

Submarine weddings are coming! Would you officiate 650 feet underwater?

The Dutch company U-Boat Worx just announced plans to build a 120 person private submarine for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Would you officiate this ep...

1232 DAYS AGO | 3.9.2021

Get Married on Mars*: Plan an Out of This World Destination Wedding

Inspired by the Red Planet, vintage sci-fi, and NASA’s Perseverance rover, we offer a few suggestions to get you started planning a Mars on Earth destination...

1235 DAYS AGO | 3.6.2021

How to Perform a Wedding in Guam

Celebrate love in paradise! Everything you need to know to perform marriage or get married in Guam, including how to register as an officiant and how to appl...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

More Adventure Wedding Articles

1248 DAYS AGO | 2.21.2021

Doctor Doom’s Getting Married? Plus a look back at our favorite comic book we...

Doctor Doom is getting married! Plus a look back at some of our favorite comic book weddings.

1270 DAYS AGO | 1.30.2021

876 feet in the air: Officiating an adventure wedding on the New River Gorge ...

An AMM Minister performs a wedding high above the New River Gorge in an adventure wedding ceremony the couple will never forget. If you’re a new officiant an...

A newly married bride and groom stand embracing on the shore. Behind them, the ocean, and a large cruise ship in the distance.

2073 DAYS AGO | 11.19.2018

A Wedding Officiant's Guide to Performing Destination and Cruise Ship Weddings

Learn how to officiate a cruise ship wedding and what cruise ship operators require to legally perform a destination wedding.


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