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New York to allow virtual wedding ceremonies and grant marriage licenses remotely

Published: Saturday, Apr. 18th, 2020

Just days after Hawaii banned Zoom Weddings, New York State announced that it is letting its clerks perform ceremonies over video. "There is now no excuse when the question comes up for marriage,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said....

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The Case for/against Online Churches: There’s no substitute for the real deal…

Published: Friday, Apr. 3rd, 2020

Everyone’s got an agenda, and with billions of scared people trapped in their homes and glued to their computers, we’re particularly suceptible to persuasion. Marketing departments are working overtime because fear sells (especially toilet paper). While Main Street is deserted, internet-based organizations are rushing to fill the void – and make the case for whatever v...

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American Marriage Ministries on Your I Do Crew! Podcast

Published: Thursday, Jan. 16th, 2020

Our very own Lewis King recently joined the Your I Do Crew! Podcast in Ohio for some engaging, humorous, and insightful podcast sessions....

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Blood, Guts & Gore: British Couple Celebrates Zombie-Themed Walking Dead Wedding Ceremony

Published: Monday, Dec. 17th, 2018

What started out as a joke between two fans of AMC’s hit TV show "The Walking Dead" quickly turned into an unconventional and inspired wedding ceremony, replete with zombies, brains, and gallons of fake blood spilling down the aisle. ...


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