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Blood, Guts & Gore: British Couple Celebrates Zombie-Themed Walking Dead Wedding Ceremony

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What started out as a joke between two fans of AMC’s hit TV show "The Walking Dead" quickly turned into an unconventional and inspired wedding ceremony, replete with zombies, brains, and gallons of fake blood spilling down the aisle. 

“We had both been married before and done traditional ceremonies, so we wanted to do something completely different,” the groom told us. “Initially we joked about it but when we thought in more detail, we realised how it could be.”


Chris and Anabell on their wedding day, in full zombie makeup.


And despite the levity of the event, Annabell and Chris, the bride and groom, still wanted the ceremony to feel like a wedding. They were, after all, starting a new chapter of their life together, and weddings make an important statement to the community.  

“One of the main things was that we wanted to make sure it was a wedding and not a Halloween party,” Chris explained. “We had to find a good room dresser who shared our love of the series or it just wouldn’t be authentic.”


Chris and Anabell's awesome wedding video!


Then there was the challenge of getting the guests to engage with the theme -- and if you think shopping for a bridesmaid dress is a chore, imagine finding a prosthetic arm or putting on zombie makeup! “Some of the guests loved it, but some wanted to stay traditional in dress which was fine in the end as we had a great mix of zombies, survivors and those that had managed to stay secluded from the apocalypse!”

And it keeps getting crazier… If you think finding the right wedding photographer of makeup person is a challenge, imagine what Chris and Annabell must have gone through. 


The wedding party, at each other's throats!


“We had to seek out good make up artists who also knew the theme and that was tricky too,” Chris told American Weddings. “We also needed a photographer that shared our vision. We wanted some unique group and acting photos.”

Since the wedding was held in England, where government officials are more involved than they are in most weddings on this side of the pond, the couple had to make sure that they were on board too. “The registrars were a bit unsure too, they wanted to make sure we were taking our vows seriously,” Chris explained. “I don’t think they were too impressed when our guests were setting off their cap guns in the ceremony. Plus they were not impressed by my prosthetic arm! 

Chris was kind enough to share the highlights of his and Anabell's wedding with American Weddings, so enjoy more photos below:


Zombie love... why the hell not?


The groom


The bride


The groom confronting one of the "guests"


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