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A Witchy Halloween Wedding Ceremony Script with Handfasting

Your souls eternally bound in love- This witchy Halloween wedding script includes a love spell, simple ring exchange, handfasting, casting circle, and natural elements honoring the Pagan Samhain and autumn season. Customize with campy vamp vibes, vintage movie quotes, blessing, or traditional Wiccan wedding altar.


  • The couple and the officiant stand in front of the marriage altar, arranged with items for casting the wedding spell. There are candles, a handfasting cord, and various herbs and flowers. The marriage altar and chairs should be placed inside a casting circle, marked with stones, candles, flowers, incense, and other seasonal elements. 



Officiant to Reception

Friends, we gather on this hallowed night, at the edge of this world and next, to witness the union of two loving souls. 

Tonight the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. We stand where flesh and magic meet, in the company of friends and spirits. 

 ______ and ______ have chosen tonight for this reason, to cast a bond for all eternity. A bond that even death won’t break.

As autumn burns brightly with every color of the flame, it’s bounty slips quietly into the serenity of winter, and then, like a sweet, slow breath, exhales, into what waits beyond. 

We are part of the natural world. Our seasons are brief. But where the physical plane gives way to spirit -- love moves like breath. Love is woven in the wind. Unending. Eternal. 


Officiant to Couple

______ and ______, are you ready to marry? 

  • The couple answers - Yes!


And have you come of your own will, compelled by love only? 

  • The couple answers - Yes!


Exchange of Vows - Casting the spell

Officiant to Couple

Wonderful! Then let us cast the spell. Repeat after me. 

  • These vows are delivered and repeated one at a time, as part of a classic call and response

Heart bound to heart, 
and soul bound to soul - 
I am my own but also yours. 

Our union grows of kindness and caring, 
Of trust well-deserved 
and love unerring.

Heart bound to heart, 
and soul to soul bound - 
This love is a home of our own. 


Officiant to couple 

You may place the rings and clasp your hands. 

  • The couple exchanges rings, and then link hands in front of the altar.

Officiant to reception

To honor this unbreakable bond on the physical plane,  ______ and ______ will now bind their hands as part of a traditional handfasting. 

This cord represents ______ and ______’s commitment to respect and cherish one another, and to build a life of joy and gratitude, from each season to the next.  

  • The officiant wraps the cord around the couples hands, and then ties the knot loosely.



Officiant to couple 

______ and ______,  as you have been, and as you will be, in this world and in every world to follow, together, may you be bound in love! 

I now pronounce you married! You may kiss. 

  • The couple kisses. Afterwards, they can slip their hands out of the knot and keep the cord as a memento. 


  • The ceremony is over, and the couple and officiant leave the circle.


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