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Pagan Wedding Blessings for Every Season and Ceremony

Published Wednesday, Jun. 22nd, 2022

Illustrations by Jessica Levey

Pagan weddings are celebrations of the beauty and bounty of the natural world, and grounded in the many blessings of spirits, gods, goddesses, ancestors, family, and friends. 


These timeless magical ceremonies are usually held within a sacred circle or in front of a wedding altar, and include a traditional handfasting and offerings to the gods. 


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Couples sometimes choose to exchange wedding rings and small gifts, or perform spells and unity rituals such as a candle lighting ceremony or stone blessing. 


The Pagan blessings below can be recited by the wedding officiant (or priest or priestess), or by parents and elders, friends, or the couple themselves. Blessings from loved ones, and requests for blessings from the gods, can be given at any time during the marriage rite. They are usually made before making an offering to the gods.


Click the links provided to see the full wedding ceremony script that includes each blessing.



stylized flower clip art by Jessica Levey for Pagan wedding blessings



Pagan Wedding Blessings



  • Leaf by Leaf & Breath by Breath


Well suited to Spring and Summer Weddings: Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha 


Officiant, Priest, or Priestess: 


"Love like all things of this earth grows gradually, strengthening leaf by leaf and breath by breath with each new day. Bless this couple, that they may tend to their love as we tend to all things on this earth, with nurturing care and patience.


Help them to grow love as boundless as the sky, as steadfast as the mountain, as bountiful as the field, as passionate as the sea, and as assuring as the light. All spirits, all of the earth, and all of us here, bless this couple with company and hope in their darkest days, and laughter and joy in their brightest.


Bless them that their love may continue to grow, always, with each new day."




stylized flower clip art by Jessica Levey for Pagan wedding blessings



  • Blessings from Many Generations


Well suited to ceremonies in all Seasons, especially around the times of holidays that honor the ancestors: Parentalia (February), Samhain (Halloween, October), Álfablót (late Autumn), Dísablót (late Winter, Spring Equinox)


Blessing from Elders to Partners: 


(The elders begin by naming the spirits or gods, goddesses, and ancestors they seek blessing from.)


"We ask you to bless this union with prosperity, and resourcefulness in times of scarcity."


"We ask you to bless this union with happiness, laughter, lightness, and a good sense of humor towards each other, and also towards themselves."


"We ask you to bless this union with courage and optimism, that when one finds themselves in short supply, the other will help provide."


"We ask you to bless this union with flexibility and honesty, that their love will continue to grow stronger each day, steady and pure in its foundation."


Blessings from Partners to each other: 


"Bless our union and the home we will build within this bond, the home we now carry with us, that my beloved will always know my love."


(The couple then makes an offering, naming the spirits or gods/goddesses they seek blessing from.)



stylized flower clip art for Pagan wedding blessings



  • A Unity Toast to Merriment & Many Tomorrows 


Well suited to Summer and Fall / Autumn Weddings: Litha (Summer Solstice, Midsummer), Lammas / Lughnasadh (Harvest), Lúnasa (Harvest), Mabon (Autumn Equinox), Samhain (Halloween)


Officiant, Priest, or Priestess: 


"Before we head out to feast and frolic, there’s one more thing to do -- share in a toast with this happy couple as they enter the world as married partners! 


________ and ________, lift your glasses!"   


(The couple lifts their glasses, which are filled with honey wine, mead, or a favorite cocktail.)


"Everyone you see here today loves and cares about you, as individuals and as a couple. We’re so happy that you two found each other and that you’ve decided to share your life together. As you leave this sacred space today, take our love with you. And remember, you can do anything together! 


May the warmth of the sun remind you of the earth’s bounty, and its light, the bounty of your love. And may today be the start of a wonderfully full life that grows fuller, brighter, and happier with each turn of the season! 


Now toast to love, drink, kiss, and be merry!"




stylized flower clip art for Pagan wedding blessings



  • Wiccan Blessing with a Call to the Four Corners / Directions 


Well suited to ceremonies in all Seasons


Officiant, Facing East:


"To the East! I call upon the spirits of the East, the spirits of air, whose energy brings communication and clear connections between heart, mind, and body. Bless us with the promise of growth and fresh beginnings."


Officiant, Facing South:


"To the South! I ask the spirits of the South, of fire, to bring the warmth of home and heat of passion, and a promise of light in darkness. Bless this union."


Officiant, Facing West:


"To the West! I call upon the West, spirits of water, that love be deep, forgiving, exciting, and passionate. We ask for the blessing and promise of healing, flexibility, and change."


Officiant, Facing North:


"To the North! I ask the spirits of the North, the spirits of earth, to bring blessings of steadiness and stability, and the promise of a true home."






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