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The Sweetest Valentine’s Day Wedding Ceremony Scripts & Vows

Published Thursday, Jan. 26th, 2023

Close up photo of two grooms holding red paper cut out hearts during their Valentine's Day wedding ceremony.

Planning to say ‘I do’ to marriage on Valentine’s Day? Try one of these romantic wedding ceremony scripts or a set of sweet sample vows! 



The most romantic day of the year is almost here… Valentine’s Day! An entire day devoted entirely to love, passion, and sweet gestures that make your partner feel like the luckiest person in the world. And, well, some commercialism, but we’ll deal with that later…


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It’s also one of the most popular days of the year to get married, whether you’re planning a simple elopement, formal wedding, or a cute license signing ceremony with a side of wine and roses. 


If you've been asked to officiate a Valentine's wedding, or are planning your own romantic ceremony, here are our five most Valentine’s worthy wedding ceremony scripts and vow examples to inspire you.



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Wedding Ceremony Scripts & Vow Examples for Valentine’s Day 


1. Poetic Wedding Ceremony Script with Readings from Rumi & Kahlil Gibran


This wedding script weaves together legendary love poems by Rumi and Kahlil Gibran to create a moving, tender, and passionate ceremony. Personalize this script with details from your own love story, and there won’t be a dry eye in the venue by the time you take your vows! 




Close up photo of a book and flowers for a wedding ceremony




2. Spanish & English Bilingual Wedding Ceremony Script with Love Poem Reading


This bilingual wedding script includes a reading of Pablo Neruda’s powerful love poem, Sonnet 17, in alternating Spanish and English translations. Tell your sweetheart how much you love them as you take their hand in marriage: “I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where, I love you directly without problems or pride, I love you that way because I don't know how to love in any other way…” 


Wedding vows from this ceremony script: 


“__________ , you are my best friend and everlasting companion. 
You have brought me the truest happiness I have ever known. 
I promise to honor and respect you, 
To care for you and grow with you. 
Es una alegría para mí entregar mi vida a la tuya. Te amaré por siempre.”





Newlyweds pose in front of a light blue wall in the their wedding clothes, the bride wears a floral headwreath and carries a bouquet of flowers, the groom is in a red bow tie with a dark suit




3. Romantic Wedding Ceremony Script


This wedding script tells the story of love at first sight, that magical spark that ignites when two people meet their perfect match. This romantic ceremony captures the passion, joy, and excitement you feel for each other as you begin the greatest adventure of your lives… marriage! 


Wedding vows from this ceremony script: 


“I take thee __________, to be my (husband/ wife/ partner). I promise to carry you through your hard times, and to let you carry me through mine. I promise to kiss you every day with the same passion as today, so that each day reminds us of this moment. You’re the brightest, best part of my life. You bring ease and peace to my soul. You’re a soft rain on dry land, and sunshine on a cold day. I love you for who you are, and I’ll love you in every incarnation to come. You mean everything to me, and it’s my greatest happiness to be yours.”




Close up photo of a groom putting a wedding ring on a bride's finger, while she holds a bouquet of red roses in her lap 




4. Sweet Time Capsule Wedding Ceremony Script


Celebrate your anniversary each year on Valentine’s Day with a wine toast, box of chocolates, and other sweet reminders of your love… starting with this unique time capsule unity ceremony! During your ceremony, you and your sweetheart will seal away a bottle of wine, love letters, and anything else your heart desires, to be opened and enjoyed the following year on your first anniversary. 


Wedding vows from this ceremony script: 


“__________, as your [husband/ wife/ spouse/ partner], I promise to choose you everyday, I promise to honor and respect you, I promise to encourage and support your dreams, I promise to laugh with you in times of celebration, and comfort you when times are hard. I say these things because I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”





Close up photo of two wedding rings resting on top of a wooden board with flowers




5. Romantic Spanish Language Wedding Ceremony Script


This sweet Spanish wedding ceremony script reflects on the beauty and power of love to bring people together and overcome any odds. It includes a quote from Reik & Matisse's song Eres Tú, personal written vows, and is sealed with a kiss! This script also includes an English translation to help you write a custom bilingual wedding ceremony. 




Close up photo of roses and other colorful flowers, a pink wedding bouquet


_________  _________



Personalize any of these wedding scripts with a love poem or reading: 










Photo of newlyweds wearing a black wedding dress and dark suit, a goth wedding vibe

Cover image taken by @wildecompany photography via @til_death_do_us_part




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