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Easter eggs decorated with pink and red flowers and romantic designs, sitting on a pink table

57 DAYS AGO | 2.22.2024

Add a Quirky Egg Blessing to Your Easter Wedding & Give Kids Something Fun to...

Plan an offbeat Easter wedding with a fun egg blessing ceremony! It’s a great way to include friends and relatives in your wedding, with an epic egg hunt aft...

Two Easter eggs in a pastel carton, decorated blue and pink with smiling faces and small flower wreaths, with foliage in the foreground

58 DAYS AGO | 2.21.2024

Easter Wedding Ideas Inspired by Traditional Polish Kashubian ‘Jastrë’ Ceremo...

Plan a unique Easter wedding ceremony with inspiration from traditional Polish Kashubian ‘Jastre’ Ceremonies! 5 ideas that are perfect for multicultural or P...

Bride and Groom stand outdoors in a snowy forest on their wedding day, dressed in a beautiful white wedding dress and light colored sweater. It's snowing lightly, and they look happy and in love for the solstice.

127 DAYS AGO | 12.14.2023

New script! Winter Solstice Wedding with Reading from “Northern Sky” by Nick ...

A spiritual wedding ceremony script for Winter Solstice wedding or elopement. References to nature, the meaning of holiday, and lasting love. This officiant ...

142 DAYS AGO | 11.29.2023

Countdown to Epic '123123' Wedding Date: Numerologist Rebecca Scolnick Shares...

Prepare for an unforgettable ‘123123’ New Year’s Eve wedding or elopement with advice from expert numerologist Rebecca Scolnick, author of The Witch's Book ...

170 DAYS AGO | 11.1.2023

Commemorate Your Winter Wedding with a Festive Marriage Certificate

Commemorate your winter wedding with a festive marriage certificate! These unique designs also make a creative wedding gift or anniversary gift from an offic...

193 DAYS AGO | 10.9.2023

Include a ‘Calavera Literaria’ in Your Day of the Dead Wedding Ceremony

How to write a funny calavera literaria (or calaveras poem) for your Day of the Dead wedding ceremony, and when to include it during the invocation, written ...

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More Seasonal Weddings Articles

241 DAYS AGO | 8.22.2023

Halloween Themed Wedding Vows for a Fun, Spooky, & Seasonal Ceremony

Celebrate your Halloween wedding with these sweet, spooky, and heartfelt wedding vows! With vow examples for any kind of wedding ceremony, including handfast...

CLose up photo of newlyweds holding hands with the Las Vegas wedding chapel sign and neon in the background

438 DAYS AGO | 2.6.2023

Valentine’s Wedding In Vegas? Get a Marriage License At The Airport!

A pop-up marriage license office is open at Henry Reid International Airport LAS, just outside Las Vegas, from now until Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2023...

Close up photo of two grooms holding red paper cut out hearts during their Valentine's Day wedding ceremony.

449 DAYS AGO | 1.26.2023

The Sweetest Valentine’s Day Wedding Ceremony Scripts & Vows

Five incredibly romantic wedding ceremony scripts that are perfect for a Valentine's Day wedding or elopement, or a meant-to-be ceremony any time of year. Th...

501 DAYS AGO | 12.5.2022

New Script! New Year’s Eve Wedding Ceremony with Wine Box & Love Letters

A fun New Year’s Eve Wedding Ceremony Script with a wine box unity ceremony, love letters, sweet resolutions for your marriage, a special seasonal reading of...

510 DAYS AGO | 11.26.2022

What to Wear to Officiate a Winter Wedding

Asked to officiate a winter wedding? Learn what clothes to wear as a wedding officiant during a winter wedding ceremony, depending on the couple and the type...

514 DAYS AGO | 11.22.2022

10 Tips for Officiating a Winter Wedding

Advice for wedding officiants during the holiday winter wedding season. Ten simple tips on which supplies to pack in your emergency kit, what to wear, what t...

A groom holds a bride in his arms on a beach on the wedding day. It's sunny, and in the background is a blanket, flowers, and other romantic items, with the ocean behind them and some small hills and grass. The couple stands in the sand in their wedding clothes. The bride wears a white wedding dress and holds up a bouquet of flowers, the groom is wearing a light gray suit.

702 DAYS AGO | 5.18.2022

5 Seaside Unity Ceremony Ideas for Your Beach Wedding or Vow Renewal

5 creative unity ceremony ideas for your beach wedding, including a shell or stone blessing ritual, unique tropical toast with a custom wedding cocktail, tra...

Happy newlyweds hold up an empty wooden picture frame in front of their faces as they smile on the wedding day. The frame is decorated with red and pink flowers and ribbons for Valentine's Day.

799 DAYS AGO | 2.10.2022

Rose-colored Romance : Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas We Love

Valentine’s Day wedding ideas to inspire an authentic ceremony, with suggestions for creative wedding readings and a romantic wedding ceremony script.

Photo of wedding officiant Todd Harding standing with a bride he married in a large group wedding ceremony. They are joined by someone wearing a sweet heart costume

809 DAYS AGO | 1.31.2022

Valentine’s Day Group Wedding in Sweetheart City delivers Big Feels, in Bulk!

Elope at the Loveland Annual Valentine’s Day Group Wedding and Vow Renewal! This romantic event is a highlight of Sweetheart City Colorado's holiday season. ...


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