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Easter Wedding Ideas Inspired by Traditional Polish Kashubian ‘Jastrë’ Ceremonies

Published Wednesday, Feb. 21st, 2024

Two Easter eggs in a pastel carton, decorated blue and pink with smiling faces and small flower wreaths, with foliage in the foreground

Plan a unique Easter wedding or vow renewal with inspiration from traditional Slavic ceremonies 



Want to get married on Easter with a unique multicultural wedding ceremony? 


Planning a Polish American wedding ceremony and want to include meaningful traditions from the ‘old country’? 


We’ve got some great inspiration for you!


As it happens, festive wedding ceremonies and engagement parties are a long-held Easter tradition in Kashubia, a small region of northern Poland. It’s an area known for its lush green countryside, numerous lakes and streams, stunning views, and good food. It’s also known for its epic Easter parties (or ‘Jastrë’, as it’s called there). 


After a full day of celebrating the holy holiday with religious services, festive drumming, and a large community breakfast, friends and family gather together with the couple in the evening to celebrate their marriage or engagement. These celebrations run late into the night, with plenty of food, drink, and dancing for everyone. 


(Read more details about Jastrë in Kashubian, from Palm Sunday to Holy Saturday and Easter Day, in this article by Culture.Pl


Below, we put a modern twist on a few of our favorite traditional Easter customs from this unique area in Poland – the perfect inspiration for an Easter wedding ceremony, vow renewal, or engagement party! 



A young couple gets married outdoors on a spring day, joined by friends and family

Photo: Halfpoint / iStock

Personalize your Spring Easter wedding with these unique ideas


5 Ceremony Ideas Inspired by Traditional Kashubian Polish Easter Weddings


1. A Modern twist on traditional Kashubian Easter palms 

Traditional Kashubian Eastern palms were made of pussy willow tied with twine, and were believed to have magical properties that could “scare away bad fortune” (via Culture.Pl)


For a modern twist, combine freshly cut sprigs of fuzzy pussy willow branches and other early-Spring flowers – such as pretty pansies, yellow trillium, Dutchman's breeches, or daffodils. Tie these magical bundles with string or colorful ribbons and use them as a wedding bouquet, place them on the wedding altar, or use them to decorate the wedding space and ward off negative energy. 


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A small bouquet of pussy willow branches and green foliage, tied with a green and white ribbon for Easter palms or a wedding ceremony

Pussy willow and spring foliage tied with green and white ribbons are a unique way to include Easter palms with a modern twist in your wedding ceremony


2. Leave sweet treats for mischievous house spirits


Kashubian and Polish mythology includes tales of Krośnięta and Kraśniaki – tiny, human-like house spirits that are pleased by “small bowl[s] of flour, potatoes or milk” (via Small gifts like these will keep a couple on the spirit’s good side, which is much better than the alternative… These spirits are mischievous and can cause trouble if they aren’t acknowledged.


During your wedding ceremony, leave a few small decorative bowls of flour, milk, and potatoes near the door or hidden in the corners of the ceremony space. These gifts will keep any Slavic house spirits appeased, and ensure your wedding goes smoothly! 


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3. Wedding babka – and plenty of it! 


Ditch the wedding cake and opt for festive wedding babka instead! This sweet bread can be braided with cinnamon, chocolate, cheese, or apple for the big day – or go with all of the above! Polish Easter babka is formed in a bundt pan instead of braided, and is made with raisins, dried fruit, powdered sugar, or icing. Even better, bread is a traditional gift from the parents at Polish weddings.


(Here’s a great Polish Babka recipe from King Arthur Baking.)


You can braid a babka with your sweetheart during the wedding ceremony (to bake together on the wedding night), share a slice of bundt cake with a glass of the traditional vodka during a unity toast, or place a few of your favorite babka varieties on a table for guests to enjoy during the reception. 



A Polish babka with icing and colorful small eggs sits on a table ready for an Easter wedding

Traditional Polish babka is baked in a bundt pan on Easter, and topped with powdered sugar or icing. Add chocolate egg candies and decorate the table with pussy willows and spring flowers. 


4. Easter egg blessings and fun for the children 


Kashubian Easter celebrations always include colorful Easter eggs! In Kashubia, eggs (or 'pisanki', in Polish) are traditionally dyed with pigments made from natural ingredients like berries, tree bark, flowers, and herbs. (via Culture.Pl)


As a fun twist on a ‘stone blessing ceremony’: Leave a basket of brightly colored Easter eggs at the entrance to your wedding ceremony. (Hard boil them first!) As each guest enters, they’ll choose one egg to hold and ‘bless’ during the ceremony. 


Learn more about stone blessing ceremonies here: 

Include Loved Ones in Your Wedding With a Stone Blessing Ceremony


After you’ve taken your vows and been pronounced married, guests can head outdoors to hide the eggs for an egg hunt, so that the children have something fun to do during the wedding reception. This is a great way to incorporate a fun Easter egg hunt for the kids into your wedding day! 



bundles of spring daisies rest on a table next to a bowl filled with colorful dyed easter eggs

Use natural dyes; dye eggs to match your wedding colors; or decorate any way you like! 


5. Evening ceremony by candle light


Weddings and engagement parties held on Easter night are a long-held tradition in Kashubia. (via Culture.Pl)


After a day of Easter celebrations, religious services, and feasting with friends and family, it’s time to say ‘I do!” Fill the ceremony space with candles, spring flowers and foliage, and put on your best pastel wedding attire for a fun ceremony and reception under the stars! 



A wedding arch at night, surrounded by trees and decorated with flowers and candles and lanterns

Romantic! The perfect way to end a full day of celebration with friends and family members. 




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