Published: Thursday, Feb. 10th, 2022

Rose-colored Romance : Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas We Love

Valentine’s Day weddings take rose-colored romance and abundant affection to new heights, making them some of the sweetest and most creative ceremonies around. We love them! 


Whether you have a taste for champagne toasts and roses, spontaneous elopements, or the quirkier, offbeat side of love, these Valentine’s wedding ideas are sure to inspire you. 

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Then, check out these unique readings for romantic weddings, all year round: 


12 Love Poems for Your Wedding Ceremony



Scroll down for a romantic wedding script with a heartfelt invocation!  



1. A Heart-Shaped Elopement in the City 





2.  This Tiny, Whimsical Chapel the Woods




3. Lavish Love in Plum 



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4. Roses, Ruffles, and Plenty of Kisses



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5. A Dreamy Fairy-Light Ceremony at Dusk



6.  Pretty in Matching Pastels




7. Bubble Guns and Petals 



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8. Vintage Vibes in Pink and White



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Did you know? 

Valentine’s Day has been a charming choice for weddings for decades, but the holiday wasn’t always known for greeting cards and chocolates. Historians speculate the holiday might have its roots in an ancient pagan fertility festival called Lupercalia, a Catholic holiday for two ill-fated saints, or even a Norse Viking celebration called Galatin’s Day –  which translates to ‘Lover of Women’s Day.’ Scandalous!   


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These days, Valentine’s Day is all about the love, making it a perfect day to say ‘I do’! 



Use this romantic wedding script with a heartfelt invocation for more inspiration: 



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