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Words are Powerful – Creating a Wedding Ceremony that Suits the Couple

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In previous articles, we have talked about how to create a “religious feel” in the wedding ceremony that matches the couple’s own spiritual disposition. But what about the “standard pieces” of the ceremony, like the end-of-aisle question or the pronouncement?

Do the words used really matter?

They do! When performing a wedding ceremony, every piece of the ceremony contributes to the overall feel, and is a reflection of the couple. Plus, most folks have already heard their fair share of invocations, vow exchanges and other standard parts of a wedding ceremony, so they will be wondering, “How are Matt and Rita going to do theirs?” 

This means that the couple and person who is performing the wedding ceremony should discuss the feel of all the components - not just the readings. Then, whoever is writing the wedding ceremony needs to select pieces that 'fit' that desired ceremony. Below are a couple of examples of standard parts of a wedding ceremony, and for each one, we provide two options: more Traditional or Modern.


"Traditional," modern," or "gonzo," it's totally up to you, just make sure you know how to get there...


The "End of Aisle" Question:

“Who gives this woman away in marriage?”  - Traditional
“Who supports this woman as she joins this man in marriage?” - Modern


"The Kiss" Wording:

“Mark, you may now kiss your bride”  - Traditional
“Mark and John, you may now celebrate your union with a kiss.” - Modern


The examples above show how you can toggle between traditional and modern by switching a few words around. The key is to have a clear idea before writing of what “feel” you want for your ceremony.

Remember, every piece within the ceremony can be written to fit the couple and to reflect the tone that they want to convey in their wedding ceremony.  Have fun figuring that out together!

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