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AMM Glossary: Helpful Words Every Ordained Minister Needs to Know



Ordination / Ordained

To become a Minister and have the authority to perform ceremonies. American Marriage Ministries is the entity with the power to ordain you - that is, grant you the authority - to perform marriage.



To perform a service or ceremony.


Officiant / Minister 

A person authorized to perform or officiate a service or ceremony. Once you are ordained with AMM, your official title is Minister.



At American Marriage Ministries, this typically refers to the marriage license – the official document or permit that the couple will obtain from their local county clerk, allowing them to get married in that state (and/or county). This is what the Minister/Officiant will fill out and complete after performing the ceremony.

This can also refer to licensing procedures in certain states - more commonly known as registration requirements.



A licensing procedure in some states that require AMM Ministers to register prior to performing a ceremony. Registration requirements vary from state to state, so be sure to verify whether or not you have any additional steps to take after getting ordained.


Ordination Certificate, Official and Unofficial

Document stating you are an ordained Minister with American Marriage Ministries.

The Official copy of an ordination certificate is signed and affixed with AMM’s official seal, and is accepted by government offices as proof of ordination.

The Unofficial, digital copy of your ordination certificate is available to you online to save or print for your own personal record keeping, but it is not accepted as proof of your ordination by any government offices.


Marriage Certificate, Commemorative 

A commemorative keepsake offered in the AMM store. It is meant for gift-giving or display only, and is not an official document. The actual marriage license is obtained by the couple at a local county clerk’s office or marriage bureau.


Letter of Good Standing (Official Document)

A hard-copy, official document often requested by government offices that require minister registration. It is addressed specifically to the state, county, and/or territory, is signed by an AMM Officer, notarized, and affixed with our official seal. 


Letter of Consent – New York City (Official Document)*

A hard-copy document specific to New York City, required for minister registration. It is not the same as a Letter of Good Standing. It is signed by an AMM Officer, notarized, and affixed with our official seal. 

*All credential orders for New York will automatically include this document.


Affidavit of Authority to Solemnize Marriage(s) – Nevada (Official Document)*

A hard-copy document specific to the state of Nevada and each county, required for minister registration. It is signed by an AMM Officer and notarized.

*All credential orders for Nevada will automatically include this document. Be sure to select the required county upon checkout.


Vow Renewal 

A celebratory ceremony that does not have any legally binding components. It is simply a public speaking role, and no registration or documentation is required for these kinds of ceremonies.

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