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Un grupo de mujeres jóvenes paganas se encuentran juntas en un círculo cogidas de la mano alrededor de un fuego humeante. Están en un bosque lleno de coloridas hojas otoñales, visten de negro y tienen el pelo colorido.

279 DAYS AGO | 9.11.2023

Ordenación en Línea para Paganos Modernos: Por qué es tan importante, especia...

El acceso a la ordenación en línea no denominacional para ministros Paganos y oficiantes de bodas Paganas es esencial. Aprenda sobre la estructura del Pagani...

A group of young women Pagans stand together in a circle holding hands around a smoking fire. They are in a forest filled with colorful fall leaves, and are wearing black and have colorful hair.

327 DAYS AGO | 7.25.2023

Online Ordination for Modern Pagans: Why it’s So Important, Especially Now

Access to non-denominational online ordination for Pagan ministers and Pagan wedding officiants is essential! Learn about the structure of modern Paganism, i...

1131 DAYS AGO | 5.12.2021

Southern Baptist megachurch ordains 3 women, defies SBC

Saddleback Church ordains three women, defying a Southern Baptist Convention ban against female pastors, creating tension within SBC.

Illustration of a bride, groom, and wedding officiant, friends on the wedding day

1145 DAYS AGO | 4.28.2021

Can you legally perform a wedding ceremony for your friends and family? Yes!

Curious who can legally marry a couple in your state, and if you’re on that list? Wondering how to become a wedding officiant or ordained minister to marry p...

Stylized illustration of two friends facing each other, on laptops talking

1154 DAYS AGO | 4.19.2021

After a year of living life online, do distinctions like ‘online church’ even...

How designations like ‘online church’ and ‘online ordination’ have changed after a year of connecting with loved ones and communities online, Zoom, and Skype...

Illustration of minister credentials, including an ordination certificate from American Marriage Ministries, a clergy badge, and other documents.

1159 DAYS AGO | 4.14.2021

Fact Check: Do you need multiple online ordinations to protect your standing ...

You want to make sure your minister credentials are up to the legal task when it’s time to marry someone, and sign and file the marriage license. But do you ...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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1166 DAYS AGO | 4.7.2021

A queer Tennessee Minister talks about the importance of online ordination, a...

A queer wedding officiant in Nashville, Tennessee talks about the importance of online ordination in the LBTQ IA+ community as the fight against the state’s ...

1175 DAYS AGO | 3.29.2021

AMM ordains people of all faiths -- from pagans to monotheists, atheists to a...

AMM welcomes people of all faiths: If you’re wondering how to become an ordained minister with a nondenominational, interfaith church, whether you’re Neopaga...

1307 DAYS AGO | 11.17.2020

American Marriage Ministries just ordained our 750,000th minister today!

American Marriage Ministries ordained our 750,000th minister today! Online ordination provides officiant training for friends and family members who want to ...

1448 DAYS AGO | 6.29.2020

Jewish Synagogue moves ordination online to circumvent COVID-19 shutdown

COVID-19 is pushing more and more religious functions online, such as the Jewish Universalist Online Synagogue, which ordained 162 Rabbis and Cantors over t...

1455 DAYS AGO | 6.22.2020

First-Time Officiant FAQs

Just got ordained? Fear not! Here are some popular and frequently asked questions from first time wedding officiants

1460 DAYS AGO | 6.17.2020

The importance of researching different internet churches for your ordination...

Why it's important to put thought and effort into your online ordination - and why getting ordained with American Marriage Ministries makes all the difference

1467 DAYS AGO | 6.10.2020

An Update from AMM on Tennessee's Anti-Online Ordination Law

An update from American Marriage Ministries on the fight against Tennessee's discriminatory anti-online ordination law SB1377/HB0213

1518 DAYS AGO | 4.20.2020

Coronavirus or Knot: How to Get Your Marriage License and Legally Wed During ...

Step-by-step action plan for couples who want to get married during government shutdowns amidst the Coronavirus pandemic

1519 DAYS AGO | 4.19.2020

Free Locally-Made Hand Sanitizer Included in Select AMM Packages

American Marriage Ministries supports frontline healthcare workers during the coronavirus pandemic, and promotes healthy sanitary practices by including free...


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