Published: Tuesday, Nov. 17th, 2020

American Marriage Ministries just ordained our 750,000th minister today!

Moments ago, we welcomed our 750,000th AMM Minister!
As a small organization, we’re overjoyed and honored to be a part of so many people’s lives. And we’re grateful to our Ministers, ordinary people who say yes to the rights of all people to marry, and who help bring friends and families together during the most joyful (and the most challenging) of times, deepening relationships, and championing love and community.
As we approach the holiday season, COVID-19 restrictions continue nationwide and many people are weary of the resulting distance and uncertainty. These past months have underscored the true importance of family, of friends and community, of love, of coming together — even when we have to do it with elbow taps and virtual gatherings! We’re reminded that our strength comes from working and learning together, and we’re thrilled to welcome the Ministers who’ve joined us recently.
We’ve added, and will continue to add, new articles each week to American Weddings blog on navigating unconventional ceremony planning, adapting to new technologies and types of wedding celebrations, and ensuring weddings are legal, memorable, and fun. We’re adding new ceremony scripts for our library, keeping our state weddings index up to date, and continuing to provide step-by-step training resources for our first time officiants.   
Our commitment remains: to offer the most robust ordination available online, backed up by real-world advocacy and training to ensure that people ordained by American Marriage Ministries can confidently officiate legal, memorable, and lasting marriages. When you get ordained by AMM, you gain the same legal standing as the head-pastor of a megachurch like Joel Osteen or Billy Graham, because that’s a right that’s enshrined in our constitution. 
So check back often as we continue to add more resources to the site. The wedding ceremony (and the wedding industry) is in a period of reinvention and reimagining… We know that our Ministers, with your imaginations and hearts, will help to create an exciting and hopeful future. 
Another heartfelt congratulations to our 750,000th AMM Minister, and to all the ministers who’ve been ordained with us over the last decade. You inspire us to keep improving, to keep advocating, and to keep serving and loving!
- Your friends and family at American Marriage Ministries


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