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Wedding Numerology: The Best Dates to Get Married in 2024

Published Thursday, Jan. 4th, 2024

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Illustration symbolizing the lucky or auspicious wedding dates in 2024 based on numerology, the illustration shows to hands reaching up into a sky, with a red heart and wedding rings, surrounded by numbers
Illustration by Jessica Levey

Celestially Wed: Expert Numerologist Rebecca Scolnick reveals the most auspicious dates to get married this year

Ok lovebirds, this new year is bringing big cosmic energy and even bigger excitement our way! The stars are aligned for a year of balance and bravery, spiritual deep dives, and unexpected changes. There will be joyful expansion and growth, bold love, unity and collaboration, and leaps of faith. Which is all to say, it’s a great year to get married! 



En Español: Numerología de Bodas: Las Mejores Fechas para Casarse en 2024



If you’re planning a wedding this year, there are several auspicious dates to choose from, and a few dates that might bring the wrong kind of excitement to your big day. 


With this in mind, we reached out to our favorite numerology nerd, Rebecca ‘Bee’ Scolnick, to help you choose a wedding date that will welcome the energy and intention you want into your ceremony and the years ahead.


Rebecca is the author of The Witch's Book of Numbers: Enhance Your Magic with Numerology, and a self-described “writer, witch, weirdo, and queer human lady.” She uses a combination of spirituality, science, and history to explore the hidden language of numbers and shows others how to apply the divine power of Pythagorean numerology within the context of their daily lives. By ‘adding to reduce,’ she simplifies complex numbers – like wedding dates – into root numbers that reveal a deeper meaning and potential. 


Her suggestions for the best wedding dates of the year bring a mystical mix of love, connection, family, structure, spontaneity, tradition, and magic. 


As you read Bee’s advice, remember that there are no ‘bad’ dates to get married — your marriage will be filled with love and laughter no matter what day you choose. So if you have a special date in mind already, go for it! 


She says, “We all have our own relationship to numbers… [Numerology] is an active practice in the world, meaning that there are still many different schools of thought. So not all numerological theories or practices are going to be the same... I always tell my clients and my students, it’s really important to know the roots and lineage of any numerological practice,” to see if it works well for you in the context of your life. “If a couple is interested in electing a date based on numerology, they could even look into numerological traditions from their own cultures,” as a way of creating a meaningful and intercultural ceremony. 





According to Numerology, the best dates to get married in 2024 are…


(Quotes have been edited for length and clarity.)


February 22nd 

2/22/2024 (22224)

Key themes: Love, connection, kindness, compassion, family, harmony, and expansion


This fun winter wedding date has repeating 2s, and promises a ceremony filled with love, connection, kindness, and compassion that will feel like a warm hug for the couple and their guests. 


Rebecca says:


“Repeating numbers have been very trendy over the last few years, it’s been very zeitgeisty to look at strings of repeating numbers… I think in terms of electing a wedding date, repeating numbers are fun to play with.


The first is February 22nd, 2024. You have that 2 - 2 - 2 right up front. 2 is the number of love and relationships; it’s the number of connection and kindness and compassion.


If you would like to have a winter wedding and use this concentration of 2s – even the 4 at the very end is still 2 twice – this concentration of 2 energy will give your wedding this warm hug, this really pure concentration of love and joy and connection, that not only the couple will experience, but also all of their guests.”   


Reducing these numbers even further brings a sweetly auspicious bonus, Rebecca explains: 


“2 - 22 on its own is a 6, so 2 plus 2 plus 2… and 6 is The Lovers in the tarot. So 6 is a number of family, of expansion, of harmony, of love – and so again, that’s a really beautiful number of coming together, of making commitments, of building and growing new families.


And then when you add the 2024 piece to it, you get 6 plus 8 is 14, and 14 is another lovely number of 1 being the self, and 4 being the foundation. So you’re bringing yourself to this new system, this new structure… to provide this really beautiful date for not only a union of two people, but growing this foundation for a new family, which I think is really integral to marriage and that process of commitment.” 


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Illustration of flowers against a dark sky surrounded by lucky numerology numbers


April 2nd & April 20th

4/2/2024 & 4/20/2024 (4224 & 4202024)

Key themes: Love, family, expansion, growth, marriage, fun, joy, spontaneity 


These two palindrome dates in April are a unique pair of cosmic coordinates that will only happen once! These dates will bring love, laughter, and lots of fun… just make sure you plan ahead and come prepared with a few self-soothing tools to help you stay calm and relaxed.


Rebecca says: 


“The reason I chose these dates, they’re palindromes. So they read the same forwards and backwards, 4 - 2 - 24, and then 4 - 20 - 2024.  


I love palindrome dates, and what I like about the April dates this year is that the 2024 is intrinsic to the pattern within the date. 


Both [of these days] are going to give you that 6 energy of love and family and expansion, growing your relationship, growing yourselves, growing your community. 


And then when you add up the whole date – of both of those dates – you get 14, which reduces to 5. And 5, and I talked to you about this in the first article that we worked on together, 5 in my numerological lineage was the number for marriage at one point. So, I think 5 packs this ancient punch – what an amazing energy to harness if you’re getting married!”


But remember to plan ahead for the unexpected, Rebecca adds: 


“But 5 is its own kind of fun trickster energy… Get ready for a lot of fun, a lot of laughter, a lot of joy, a lot of ‘having an experience’ together. 5 is also riding the waves, so make sure you have Plan A, Plan B, Plan C. 


And if you’re a couple who really wants your wedding to follow a specific order or specific timeline, it might be a good idea to build in some contingency plans – and also some ways to soothe yourself during the day. Because weddings are parties, yes, but they also are events. So if you’re someone who might not be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the day… then build in some ways to self soothe, have people that are on your side, and make sure you have good communication with your planner… plan ahead.”


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Illustration of celestial bodies and numerology numbers, a teal background with white, gold, and pink circles


August 8th

Key themes: Unexpected harmony, connection, and building a foundation


This fall wedding date might seem like an unlikely choice at first, but the unique repetition of 8s lends an unexpected harmony to the day. Your ceremony will be filled with feelings of connection and togetherness as you build a strong foundation for marriage. To avoid any rogue 7 energy, add a candle lighting or unique unity ritual to the wedding.


Rebecca says: 


“The next date that is great for marriage in 2024 is August 8th. 


Now, August 8th, on its own, might not be the best day every year to get married, even though you do have those two [repeating] numbers, because 8s together, if you reduce it, 8 plus 8 is 16, and then 1 plus 6 is 7, and 7 is not the loveliest energy… it’s not a very lovely or gentle energy.


But 2024 is an 8 year – if you reduce 2 plus 2 plus 4, you get 8 – so now we’re looking at 8 - 8 - 8. So now you have those three repeating 8s, and that is 24, which reduces to 6. So there is your lovely 6; we love a 6! Your number of harmony, and built from 24, connection and foundation. 


So this [specific] date – August 8th, 2024 – provides this really beautiful, harmonious energy from these two parts coming together to build something new.”


To tame any residual 7 energy that might arise, Rebecca suggests adding a personal or spiritual ritual to the ceremony: 


“7 energy can be very intense. It is a spiritual number, so I think to work with the more lovely aspects of 7, [it will help to], when building the ceremony, think about what your personal spiritual beliefs, or values, or rituals might be… A candle blessing that you really like, or, this doesn’t have to be religious, but some kind of ritual action during the wedding.”



Two hands reaching toward each other against the sky, stylized illustration, with numerology numbers in the background


November 11th

Key themes: Structure, tradition, sturdiness, practicality, and divine magic

This special date blends tradition and divine magic, harnessing the inspiration of repeating 11s, the practical power of the number 4, and the mystical energy of 3. A ceremony held on this date will deliver a clear path through your collective past, present, and future as you step into marriage together.


Rebecca says: 


“11 - 11 is the wishing number, that magical number. When you see it, it inspires some kind of magical thinking, even if you’re not sure why you feel that way. It does have to do with that repeating number, but for a wedding, 11 - 11 at its root is 4, and 4 really is [about] structure and foundation. 


4 is not the most romantic number, however, 4 is a sturdy number. It is structure, it is traditions, it’s roots, it’s the home. You can think of the four legs of a table, and how sturdy that is. It’s a good practical energy to be making a commitment on and around. 


And especially this year – with 4 and 8 – it does pack a magical punch. 4 plus 8 is 12, which reduces to 3, and 3 is the number of magic. It’s the whole journey rolled into one, beginning, middle and end. The past, present, and future.”


November 22nd

Key themes: Love, family, growth, expansion, marriage, fun, and spontaneity 


This wedding date might be the most auspicious of all, combining the mystical power of repeating numbers, the loving family energy of 6, and an ancient numerical symbol of marriage – the number 5. A ceremony on this day will be fun, energetic, and focused on cultivating your new family in marriage. 


Rebecca says: 

“Because 11 and its multiples are always going to provide those repeating numbers, the last is 11-22-24. 


So, 11 - 22, when added up, is going to give you that 6 we’ve been talking about,” a number of love, family, growth, and expansion. 


“And then in 2024, [the year] gives you a 14, 5 combination, which is rooted in the ancient rite of 5 being [the number of] marriage, and also [bringing] a fun, party and celebration energy, that is wonderful for a wedding.” 


She reminds us:


 "5 packs [an] ancient punch... an amazing energy to harness if you’re getting married! ... But 5 is its own kind of fun trickster energy… Get ready for a lot of fun, a lot of laughter, a lot of joy, a lot of ‘having an experience’ together." Just remember to "make sure you have Plan A, Plan B, Plan C."


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Author Rebecca Scholnick headshot via her website, image shows Rebecca smiling, facing the camera, with a friendly and open energy. Brightly colored painting on the wall behind her. She's wearing short sleeves and a tattoo is visible.

Rebecca 'Bee' Scolnick is "a writer, witch, weirdo, and queer human lady (she/her), who uses magic and storytelling to support unlearning work and inspire new meaning making." Her first book, The Witch’s Book of Numbers: Enhance Your Magic With Numerology, was released in 2022 by Hierophant Publishing, a traditional book publisher distributed by Red Wheel Weiser.


Connect with Rebecca on her website,, or on Instagram @beescolnick





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Jessica Levey
Jessica Levey

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Jessica loves exploring the history and magic of ritual, the connections between people and places, and sharing true stories about love and commitment. She's an advocate for marriage equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and individuality, and is an ordained Minister with AMM. When she’s not writing or illustrating for AMM, she enjoys city hikes, fantasy novels, comics, and traveling.

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