Published: Sunday, Apr. 19th, 2020

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Free Locally-Made Hand Sanitizer Included in Select AMM Packages

American Marriage Ministries is proud to support Safe Hands Creations and front-line healthcare workers during these times.

We’ve teamed up with a local crafter and healthcare professional to ensure that our ministers are staying safe and healthy - by including Free 1 oz. bottles of locally-crafted Safe Hands Glass Mini(ster) Hand Sanitizer in our Signature Minister Ordination Package and Will You Marry Us? packages for a limited time!


Safe Hands Creations is run by a good friend of ours, who also happens to work as a nurse at one of our city’s busiest hospitals. When she – like many others who needed it most – ran out of hand sanitizer and protective gear, she started making her own. 



As a way of showing our support to front-line healthcare workers and promoting healthy practices, we are including bottles of this awesome  hand sanitizer to share with our Ministers and Ministers-to-be.


And now, while quantities last! - all purchases of the Signature Wedding Officiant Package and the Will You Marry Us? package will include a 1 oz. bottle of Safe Hands Hand Sanitizer!



Safe Hands Glass Mini(ster) Hand Sanitizer makes cleaning between hand washing easy, and moisturizes and nourishes your skin while killing pathogens.


Safe Hands Hand Sanitizer is made with these four simple ingredients:


  • 95% Ethyl Alcohol (to disinfect)
  • Aloe Vera
  • Olive Oil
  • Essential Oil


So when you place an order – and while supplies last – know that you’re not only helping a nonprofit organization, but that you’re also supporting local artisans and healthcare professionals.


Become a Wedding Officiant with Our Free Online Ordination!