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New York Times Features American Marriage Ministries in Article about Online Ordination

Screen shot 2018 12 13 at 11.27.45 am
Screen shot of article as it appeared on the New York Times website 11/13/2018

You know you are doing something right -- hopefully not wrong -- when the New York Times features you in a story, and that’s exactly what happened to American Marriage Ministries today! 

An article in the New York Times titled, “How to Officiate Your First Wedding (and Why You’d Want To)” by San Diego-based journalist Whitson Gordon told readers that, “You don’t need to go to seminary to officiate a wedding. In fact, depending on where you live, it may take only a few clicks of a mouse.”

After ten years of preaching the online-ordination gospel, it’s validating to have the New York Times agree with us! Getting ordained online is quick, easy, and a great way to create a wedding ceremony that reflects the couple’s values, beliefs, and personality. Seriously, we’re about to break out the champagne!


Our web developer Colin, about to get his celebration on!


The author explained that his sister and her husband, Greer and Chris Spangler, weren’t affiliated with a religious official or institution, and wanted someone who understood the nuances of their relationship. At the same time, they did have their personal faith, which they wanted represented. Since the author was one of the more “religious members” of their family, they asked him to officiate their wedding. 

“Since he is family, the details of his ‘homily’ matched perfectly with our personalities and values,” Mrs. Spangler said. “During stressful moments, it was reassuring to have someone we love and trust standing next to us. A stranger would not have been able to provide that same comfort.”


A screenshot of the artwork by Albert Tercero that ran with the article.


Stories like these substantiate our belief that you -- our ministers -- are at the forefront of social change. Your service to couples and communities is important work, and this article is a clear testament to your services. Basically, you’re awesome! We strongly recommend that you read the whole article, share it with your friends and families, and anyone else who asks why you got ordained online with American Marriage Ministries. 

Want to join the movement? Get ordained online at by clicking here!


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