Published: Thursday, Jan. 16th, 2020

American Marriage Ministries on Your I Do Crew! Podcast

Our very own Lewis King recently joined the Your I Do Crew! Podcast in Ohio for some engaging, humorous, and insightful podcast sessions.


So save these links, and whether you're on your commute to/from work, enjoying a mid-day break, or just looking to join in on some of the important conversations going on at American Marriage Ministries -- please give them a listen! 



Part 1: "Get Ordained!"

All about online ordination, why American Marriage Ministries is different, and what's going on in the state of Tennessee


Part 2: "Will You Marry Us?"

Tips for first-time wedding officiants and the valuable resources AMM offers to keep officiants on track


Part 3: "Going Pro" 

The many things to consider when going from first-time officiant to pro -- like how to be inclusive of all couples and belief systems




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