Published: Tuesday, Jan. 14th, 2020

Top AMM Wedding Officiant Resources

A quick guide to *THE* most popular and recommended AMM products and officiant resources!

Asked to Officiate

Originally written by expert and professional wedding officiant Bethel Nathan (who has performed nearly one thousand ceremonies), AMM recently acquired and updated this workbook - making it the most comprehensive, detailed, and helpful book of its kind on the market. Asked to Officiate will:


  • Provide you with the ceremony basics (like the schedule, timing, participants, and order of a typical ceremony)
  • Prepare you for all of your legal obligations – including state registration (if applicable)
  • Help you work with the couple to craft their ceremony
  • Supply a variety of pre-selected ceremony scripts that you can alter to suit your needs, or simply copy and paste
  • Give you confidence to successfully create and deliver a meaningful, memorable ceremony


Make It Yours: Asked to Officiate, $30



Ordination Certificate

This is the official document accepted by government offices stating that you are an ordained Minister with American Marriage Ministries. (There is an unofficial, digital version of your ordination certificate that is available to you in your Minister account to save or print is for your own personal record keeping - but please note that these digital, printable versions are not official copies, and will not be accepted by any government offices.)

The official copy of your ordination certificate - sold only in the AMM Store - is signed and affixed with AMM’s gold seal, and is accepted by all government offices as proof of your ordination. 


Make It Yours: Ordination Certificate, available as part of the Minister Ordination Package, $45 or sold separately, $15



Letter of Good Standing

This is a hard-copy official document bearing live signatures that is often requested by government offices that require minister/wedding officiant registration. It is addressed specifically to the state/county (and/or territory), signed by an American Marriage Ministries Officer, notarized by a Notary Public, and affixed with our official gold seal.


Make It Yours: Letter of Good Standing, available as part of the Minister Ordination Package, $45 or sold separately, $18



Minister's Manual

Our Minister's Manual is an excellent primer for those who want a crash-course on their rights and privileges as an AMM Minister, and to know how to make the most of your ordination. It's a perfect resource for new ministers that are about to perform a marriage and need some basic guidance. If you are unsure about the next steps, or are just learning about what it means to be an AMM Minister, this is your go-to resource! (Don’t forget: all of your state registration laws are included in your AMM Minister Manual, so it's a great book to keep handy and ready to reference!)


Make It Yours: AMM Minister's Manual, available as part of the Minister Ordination Package, $45 or sold separately, $20


Royal Officiant Folio

When you're stepping into the role of wedding officiant, organization is key! Polished and durable, AMM’s new Royal Officiant Portfolio was designed with function and form in mind. This embossed, upgraded leatherette portfolio has plenty of space to keep all of your important documents, credentials, business cards, notes, and of course – the ceremony script! – secure, organized, and at the ready.  From the consultation, to crafting the ceremony script, to delivering your thoughtful, practiced words on the big day – your Royal Officiant Portfolio should always be at hand.


Make It Yours: Royal Officiant Folio, $35



Minister Wallet ID Card

Our classic Minister Wallet ID Card has been a long-time favorite. This durable, laminated card is perfect for keeping in your wallet. Not only is it an excellent way to show off your ordination, but it's also great for keeping helpful info like your Minister ID and ordination date handy.


And now (thanks to popular demand!), AMM also offers the all-new personalized Photo Minister Wallet ID card!  


Make It Yours: (Classic) Minister Wallet ID, $15 and Photo Minister Wallet ID, $20



Lucky In Love

"No couple who has been married for 50 years ever looks back on their wedding and talks about the table linens.” – Eleni Gage, author of Lucky in Love


This book – as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside! – collects folklore, beloved customs, and little-known traditions from around the world to provide both officiants and couples with tips that will contribute to a special wedding day and an entire lifetime of luck and happiness. If you are a minister planning a ceremony and want a fresh perspective and new traditions to incorporate in your upcoming ceremony (there’s an entire chapter dedicated to mastering the wedding ceremony!), or are looking for a truly meaningful gift for the couple as they plan their wedding, be sure to order this essential resource!


Make It Yours: Lucky in Love, $17



Commemorative Marriage Certificate

We offer a variety of these beautiful keepsakes so that officiants may treat couples to a commemorative wedding certificate to thoughtfully mark the occasion. (The one pictured here is our Signature style.) They are available in both blank and personalized styles. Presenting and signing these - after the official marriage license* is completed and signed, of course - also makes for a wonderful photo opportunity with the couple!


* Please note that these commemorative certificates are meant for gift-giving or display only, and are not official documents. The actual marriage license is obtained by the couple getting married at a county clerk’s office.


Make It Yours: Commemorative Ceremonial & Marriage Certificates, $9-11



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