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Articles by Natasha Anakotta

Guest Contributor

Natasha is passionate about promoting marriage equality, and encouraging couples to celebrate in a way that’s authentic and unique. Aside from weddings, she enjoys Star Wars, true crime podcasts, and eating macarons by the dozen.

Check out these 29 articles written by Natasha Anakotta, Guest Contributor at American Marriage Ministries. The AMM Blog Covers wedding trends for officiants, and more!

29 Articles by Natasha Anakotta

Check out these 29 articles written by Natasha Anakotta, Guest Contributor at American Marriage Ministries. The AMM Blog Covers wedding trends for officiants, and more!

681 DAYS AGO | 1.19.2022

3 Ways to Thank Wedding Officiants (That Don't Cost You a Thing)

Need the perfect gift for your wedding officiant? Looking for a way to say thank you that won't break the bank? These 3 ideas are creative, easy, and free wa...

738 DAYS AGO | 11.23.2021

NEW! AMM Packaging for Two of Our Most Popular Gift Boxes

AMM's Signature Wedding Officiant Package and Will You Marry Us? Gift Box have new packaging! These boxes are packed with everything you need to officiate a ...

800 DAYS AGO | 9.22.2021

NEW Product Announcement: Handfasting, From Ancient Rituals to Modern Ceremonies

Introducing our newest ceremony planning guide! A creative ‘how-to’ book that explores ancient Pagan traditions, the marriage rite, and how to add the magic ...

805 DAYS AGO | 9.17.2021

NEW Product Announcement: Custom Wood Certificate Frame

There's a new product in the AMM store! These sleek, high-quality custom wood frames protect and display your ordination certificate and minister credentials...

980 DAYS AGO | 3.26.2021

How to Officiate a Wedding For the First Time

Learn how to perform a wedding for the first time, from getting ordained online to signing the marriage license! A step-by-step guide for new officiants, min...

1025 DAYS AGO | 2.9.2021

Signature cocktails, fashion shows & electric violins -- the Atlanta Wedding ...

The Atlanta Wedding Extravaganza showed us how hot virtual wedding planning expos and bridal shows can be. And now we can’t wait for more!

1036 DAYS AGO | 1.29.2021

New marriage officiant legislation in VA, again fails to address broader disc...

A proposed law in Virginia aims to update marriage laws without addressing current minister discrimination

1037 DAYS AGO | 1.28.2021

Alabama no longer requires marriage licenses or solemnization... What does th...

As of 2019, Alabama doesn’t require marriage licenses or solemnization. We answer common questions facing marriage officiants and couples in the state.

1043 DAYS AGO | 1.22.2021

Oklahoma revisits minister registration (and a look at all the states that re...

Will Oklahoma still require wedding officiants to register with the county clerk in 2021? Learn which states require licensing and minister registration.

1061 DAYS AGO | 1.4.2021

AMM’s “Navigating Your Wedding Ceremony” empowers couples to plan authentic c...

"Navigating Your Wedding Ceremony" is the latest one-of-a-kind guide for planning a one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony - brought to you by American Marriage Mini...

1065 DAYS AGO | 12.31.2020

What to wear as weddings trend toward the bold, bright & colorful in 2021

Bright, bold, colorful weddings are trending for 2021. What should wedding officiants wear to a ceremony filled with color? Stick to the basics or break out ...

1068 DAYS AGO | 12.28.2020

How does the rise in weekday weddings impact wedding officiants?

Will a rise in weekday weddings impact marriage officiants in 2021? As more couples get married during the week, nontraditional ceremonies give officiants a ...

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