Published: Friday, Mar. 5th, 2021

Wedding Officiants: Let's Talk Business Cards

Illustrations by Jessica Levey

Wedding Officiants -- at least those who want to officiate professionally -- can benefit from carrying business cards or contact cards! But it’s important not to hand out just any old card… If you choose to use one, make sure your business card says the right things about you, your professionalism, and your values as an officiant. 



When would you use one? 


Business cards with your contact information, designed to show your personality or niche, can be handed out to other vendors at rehearsals and weddings. They can be passed onto wedding coordinators working at venues, or to other wedding professionals at bridal shows, wedding expos, and conventions. And they can be given (discreetly, of course) to any guests at weddings that ask how to contact you in the future for their own wedding or elopement! 



Why wouldn’t you use one?


Business cards might feel strange or inappropriate to you, especially if you don’t think of yourself as a business person. We completely respect and honor this! For those who want to avoid the commercial feel or implications of traditional business cards, and just stick to the spiritual side of performing marriages, scroll down to the bottom of this article for a simplified approach. 


If you choose to carry them, your business card should include:


  • Your name or the name of your business
  • Your title, if not indicated by a business name
  • A phone number
  • Your email contact
  • Your website address
  • Your social media platform(s) and handle(s) (Yes, you need to have one.)



illustration of a stack of wedding officiant business cards showing a variety of designs to choose from

Create a contact card that shows couples your personality and the services you offer.



Additional design elements to consider: 


  • A photo: 


You might want to include a colorful photo or headshot, to make it easier for others to remember you. This can be valuable if you are presenting cards to vendors or professionals who are receiving multiple cards from multiple officiants (for example, at an expo or convention). But this is a matter of taste, and many officiants prefer a clean and classic look, without a photo. 


  • Your officiant niche:


You may choose to include your niche -- for example if you exclusively perform elopements, destination weddings, or religious ceremonies, or if you want to be known as specifically nondenominational. This can be indicated in writing or through a clever graphic. If you prefer to keep your options open and want to perform any ceremony you can in order to gain experience, it might be best to leave this off. 


  • Your region: 


If you perform weddings in a specific region -- for example Pennsylvania and New Jersey, or the Gulf Coast area, or Anywhere in the Country! -- you may want to include this on your card. 



An officiant card that sticks to the spiritual


If the idea of promotion runs counter to your spiritual views as a minister, spiritual being, or community member performing marriage, we understand! Many AMM Ministers never charge a penny for the work they do, as a means of ensuring all couples are able to be married in a meaningful way.



Your card might take a simplified approach: 


  • Your name
  • Your title (for example, Minister)
  • Your phone number
  • A small line describing your work (for example, Celebrating All Families Through Marriage)


If you choose to use a business or contact card, whether as a professional officiant or as a spiritual member of your community, make sure they honor you, the work you do, and show the world what you love about performing marriage! 


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