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A young bride places the wedding ring on the groom's hand during a non-religious secular wedding ceremony. The officiant is behind the groom and can't be seen clearly. Both the bride and groom are smiling, wearing a white dress and a dark suit, with earrings and young alternative styles.

228 DAYS AGO | 12.7.2023

Who Can Officiate a Non-Religious Wedding Ceremony?

Looking for a non religious wedding officiant? There are several great officiant options to consider when planning a civil, secular, or non-religious weddin...

385 DAYS AGO | 7.3.2023

The Wedding Recession: Creative Ideas & Advice for Your Wedding Ceremony Rece...

Learn about the Wedding Recession - the symbolic end of a wedding ceremony that comes after the Officiant's Pronouncement of marriage! With advice on wedding...

579 DAYS AGO | 12.21.2022

Creative ‘Declaration of Intent’ Wording for Your Wedding Ceremony

Want to write a creative wedding ceremony script, but aren’t sure what wording to use for the declaration of intent? Let these 6 alternatives inspire you, fr...

626 DAYS AGO | 11.4.2022

Can’t Afford a Wedding? How to Get Married for (Almost) Free

Simple advice on how to get married for free, or almost free. Most couples can’t afford a traditional wedding venue or reception, but there are plenty of alt...

826 DAYS AGO | 4.18.2022

Wedding Processional Order: Traditional & Modern Examples for Your Ceremony

Choose a wedding processional order that’s best for your ceremony with inspiration from these traditional and non-traditional examples, including nondenomina...

851 DAYS AGO | 3.24.2022

Officiants: Ask to Review a Couple’s Written Vows Before the Wedding Ceremony

Tips for new or first time wedding officiant: Ask to review a couple’s written wedding vows before the ceremony to ensure compatible length and tone. This is...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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871 DAYS AGO | 3.4.2022

How to Officiate a Group Wedding Ceremony

Learn how to plan and officiate a group wedding ceremony, also called a mass wedding or double wedding – including what to expect during the ceremony, what t...

Dos anillos de boda en cajas para anillos se colocan encima de un guión de ceremonia de boda impreso.

874 DAYS AGO | 3.1.2022

¿Existen requerimientos legales de redacción para una ceremonia de bodas?

Aunque para una ceremonia de Bodas no existen requerimientos legales de palabras específicas, las parejas deben realizar su Declaración de Intenciones y el o...

879 DAYS AGO | 2.24.2022

Must-Watch Video For Anyone Planning a Sequel Wedding Ceremony

A short video on how to officiate and plan a sequel wedding or a wedding ceremony in two parts, with tips for wedding officiants and newlyweds on what to say...

Bride and groom embrace on a beach during the wedding ceremony, smiling happily at the camera

889 DAYS AGO | 2.14.2022

12 Creative Pronouncement Ideas for Your Wedding Ceremony

Want to write a creative wedding pronouncement, but aren’t sure what wording to use? Let these 10 alternatives inspire you, from funny to formal examples, ge...

920 DAYS AGO | 1.14.2022

The Shortest Wedding Ceremony Script Possible

Looking for a short wedding script? How about the shortest wedding ceremony script ever? This simple script is only 200 characters, making it short enough to...

993 DAYS AGO | 11.2.2021

New script! A Simple Buddhist Wedding Ceremony Script

New wedding script! A short, simple Buddhist wedding ceremony script for modern couples that’s easy to personalize. With shared ‘we do’ wedding vows inspired...

1085 DAYS AGO | 8.2.2021

Wedding Hat Etiquette: Can Wedding Officiants Wear a Hat to the Ceremony? Wha...

Looking for the right hat to wear to a wedding ceremony? Wondering if you can keep it on during the vows? Learn the rules of wedding hat etiquette for couple...

1120 DAYS AGO | 6.28.2021

How long is a wedding ceremony? What to Include and What to Skip

Asked to perform or plan a wedding? Learn how long a wedding ceremony lasts, and which parts of the ceremony to include or cut to keep it from running too lo...

1202 DAYS AGO | 4.7.2021

Weddings for the Dead -- A look at Mormon posthumous sealings and proxy baptisms

Mormon priests perform marriages and baptisms for dead ancestors to give their souls a place in the afterlife. Learn more about these rites, including proxy ...


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