Published: Friday, Jan. 14th, 2022

The Shortest Wedding Ceremony Script Possible


Looking to get married at lighting speed? 


Most wedding ceremonies last about 15 to 20 minutes, but some go much longer (like a Catholic Mass wedding), and some are as quick as swinging through a drive thru (like this Dunkin’ Donuts Valentine wedding). 


But have you ever wondered just how short a wedding ceremony could be and still be legally binding? 


Turns out you can get hitched in under a minute, as long as you already have a valid marriage license and authorized wedding officiant lined up! 


The wedding script below only contains the two things absolutely required for a wedding ceremony to be legally binding: The Declaration of Intent and the Pronouncement. Although there are no exact words that a wedding officiant or couple must say to be married, these two things must be included. 


(Learn about the Declaration of Intent and the Pronouncement.)


This really is the shortest wedding script around… 


At only 200 characters, it’s even short enough to tweet! 



We spiced things up with a quick greeting (we’re friendly like that), but you won’t need to say anything more than this to make a ceremony legal. 


After the ceremony, make sure you complete the marriage license. The couple, the authorized officiant, and all required witnesses must sign the license. 





The Shortest Wedding Ceremony Script Possible

Officiant to reception
Hello everyone!



Officiant to Partner A 
_________, do you want to marry _________? 



Partner A



Officiant to Partner B
_________, do you want to marry _________? 



Partner B



Officiant to couple
Great! I pronounce you married! 





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