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So You Want to Have a Nudist Wedding…

Published Wednesday, Jul. 14th, 2021

Illustrations by Jessica Levey

A naked wedding trend is on the rise, and they’re not just for nudists anymore. Here’s everything you need to know to plan your own ceremony, au naturel. 



There’s an obvious appeal to saying “I do” in the nude.


Nude weddings are festive, save a fortune on overpriced dresses and suits, and they’re anything but boring. They’re also wonderfully authentic, often spiritual, and bring couples closer to nature -- with nothing coming between them and the moment, figuratively and literally. 


That’s why celebrations sans clothing have become so popular that even non-nudists are having them!


There are tens of thousands of practicing nudists and naturalists in the U.S., and hundreds of thousands more adventure-seekers who enjoy leisurely days at the beach without the worry of tan lines. Hanging out in the buff is so popular, in fact, there’s even an (unofficial) national holiday celebrating it each year -- National Nude Day, on July 14th. 


So if you love the idea of taking your vows with a breeze blowing softly against your cheeks… 

Here’s how to get started planning your own naked wedding ceremony:




Decide how much skin to bare


Who will and won’t be naked? For some couples, it’s only important that they’re naked on the wedding day. Others will want their wedding party, wedding officiant, and even their guests to bare it all. 


When planning a nude wedding, remember that some people won’t be comfortable dressing all the way down. Keep the most essential people on your guest list (and their level of modesty) in mind when deciding on a dress code, and consider giving guests the option to wear underwear, gauzy coverups, bikini bottoms, or nude-colored swimsuits. 




Keep your invitations candid


Make the details on your wedding invites crystal-clear. Guests should know exactly what to expect, and what they should or shouldn’t wear. 


Let them know if the ceremony and reception will both be clothing-optional, or if they’re encouraged to slip on a party dress before hitting the dance floor. 



Illustration by Jessica Levey shows a group of people hugging, in a stylized cartoonist style, naked, at a nudist wedding, in bright colors: blue, orange, purple, and pink, with daisies in the background



Location matters


For a country full of prudes, the U.S. offers a surprising number of opportunities for romance au naturel. Still, public nudity is illegal in a handful of states and you’ll need to choose a location carefully. 


When selecting a nudist wedding venue, you’ll be able to choose between clothing-optional resorts, ranches, hotels, campgrounds, public beaches, hot springs, and more. Some are tailored to gay and LGBTQ+ folks, some to families, others to elderly nudists, and some facilities are adults-only.  


To give you an idea of what’s out there, here are a few venues we wouldn’t mind RSVPing to:


Cypress Cove Nudist Resort (Kissimmee, Florida) : A high-end resort offering deluxe amenities in a tropical environment, with weekly taco nights, bingo, DJs, pool parties, trivia nights, themed costume parties, and even live music hosted in a private bar (appropriately called Cheeks). Couples can hold wedding ceremonies in the clubhouse or on the beach, and stay for a long weekend of relaxation.


Oaklake Trails Naturist Park (Depew, Oklahoma) : For outdoorsy couples and their guests, Oaklake offers tent camping, RV parking, and air conditioned cabins nestled in 400 wooded acres. Lovebirds can pamper themselves with a massage, soak in the hot tub, grab a bite at the diner, or spend time in nature, hiking under the oak and hickory trees before a small informal ceremony.  


Haulover Beach (Miami, Florida) : For couples seeking a casual wedding in the Sunshine state, the northern stretch of the Haulover public beach is tough to beat. It’s located a short drive from Fort Lauderdale and Miami, and is a favorite destination for international tourists and AANR members (the American Association for Nude Recreation), too. By one count, Haulover sees more than 1.3 million nude visitors each year, from all over the world.


Laguna del Sol (Wilton, California) : A clothing optional resort located not far from Sacramento, this getaway offers guests the option of tent camping, RV sites, luxury rooms, and private cabins. There's also a full restaurant and lounge, tennis courts, four pools, a spa, ping-pong tables, fitness center, and dog park. The nearby Lake Archie and Cosumnes River, with its waterfall and sandy beach, provide space for a small private ceremony. 


Campsites and campgrounds : For couples on a budget or planning an elopement or microwedding, there are dozens of naturist campgrounds and retreats across the U.S. Some locations offer both tent sites and cabins, along with added privacy and a chance to celebrate outdoors in nature. We recommend connecting with a nudist club in your state for recommendations, as some locations aren’t widely publicized online.
Other resorts, retreats, and nudist wedding packages can be found on nudism community websites, like those for AANR or the Naturist Society, or by connecting with a nudist club or colony near you. 



Photograph of Haulover Beach, a popular nudist beach in Florida, that shows white sandy beach with the ocean in the background, and a large crowd of nude people and people in swimsuits walking around

 The northern one-third of the Haulover Beach is clothing optional. 

Photo via Miami-Dade Parks & Recreation



Find an officiant


If you find a professional officiant that’s able to perform your ceremony in the nude, all the better! But as you know, not everyone is comfortable carrying on a conversation naked -- let alone speaking in front of a crowd! Consider giving your marriage officiant the option to cover up at your event. (If anyone knows of a directory of nudist / naturist officiants out there, please send it our way.)


If you’re set on finding a nude minister to officiate, ask a like-minded friend or relative to marry you!


Friends and family members can become ordained ministers online for free, giving them the authority to legally solemnize your marriage in any state. 


(And AMM offers extensive training materials for first-time officiants to help them prepare for the wedding day.)




Full transparency with vendors


It’s essential that every vendor involved in your wedding day knows that you and your guests will be naked. Even if you don’t expect the waitstaff to strip down (this is probably against health codes, besides), it’s still important to tell them your plan. Not all vendors will be comfortable working a nude wedding, even if they’re clothed, and you don’t want to risk anyone finding out at the last minute and cancelling. 




Apply for your marriage license


You’ll need to apply for and complete a marriage license to make your vows official. Despite the novelty of a nude ceremony, naturist weddings are otherwise conventional. 


Each state and county has different guidelines on how to apply for a license, so it’s important to contact a clerk in the county where your venue is located for information on the current laws.


For example, some states allow a marriage license to be used anywhere in the state, regardless of which county it was issued in. Other states require you to marry in the same county where you applied for your license. Some counties will allow you to apply online, others will require an appointment in person.  


Wherever you apply, you can expect to show a valid government ID (such as a driver's license, military ID, or passport), a certified copy of your birth certificate, your social security or alien registration card, or other identification. You’ll also be expected to pay a fee, which can range anywhere from $10 to $150. 


Divorced? If you’ve been married before, be aware that a few states require a waiting period between the end of your last marriage and the start of a new one. And about half of all states have a waiting period between a divorce / dissolution and applying for a new marriage license. 



Photograph of a scenic landscaped grounds, with a bridge over a small lake and trees in the background, taken at Laguna del Sol Clothing Optional Resort

A relaxing view of Lake Archie.

Photo via Laguna del Sol Clothing Optional Resort



Meet with your wedding officiant


With your officiant, you’ll discuss the tone of your ceremony, the ‘vibe’ you want to create for your guests, and any other special elements and unity rituals you want to include. If there are any important details your officiant should know about your chosen venue or dress code, this is when you’ll share them!


What to say during the ceremony : In addition to talking about your relationship and shared values, let your officiant know why nudism is important to you. Why did you choose a nude wedding? What does it symbolize to you? What does nudism mean to you as a couple? Your officiant can include these things in the wedding script, making your ceremony truly authentic and helping guests understand the meaning behind the choice.




Other considerations for the wedding day


The usual recommendations apply for all wedding days, even the nudie ones! Show up early, expect the unexpected, remember the big picture, and make sure you bring your marriage license! This is likely the most important thing to remember, because your officiant won’t be able to perform the wedding without a license (even if you have it at home). 


You’ll also want to check the weather, consider having patio umbrellas, coverups, and sunscreen to offer guests, and pack some bug spray… for those tiny uninvited guests.


Aside from that, just remember to have fun and take things as they come.


Laugh, kiss, and enjoy the breeze!




Need more help planning your wedding ceremony? 


AMM’s website offers many free resources to help plan your ideal ceremony, as well as tips on working well with your officiant, and keeping your ceremony authentic and on budget. 


Visit articles tagged for couples on our American Weddings blog, browse general articles by category or keyword.



Photograph shows the cover of Navigating Your Wedding Ceremony planning guide. The cover has lettering above in script, with a blue circle below, containing a silhouette of two people at night under the stars.



For step-by-step guidance, order Navigating Your Wedding Ceremony, a unique guide to ceremony planning written by an experienced professional wedding officiant and AMM Minister, Officiant Amber Olsen. 





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Jessica Levey
Jessica Levey

Lead Staff Writer & Illustrator

Jessica loves exploring the history and magic of ritual, the connections between people and places, and sharing true stories about love and commitment. She's an advocate for marriage equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and individuality, and is an ordained Minister with AMM. When she’s not writing or illustrating for AMM, she enjoys city hikes, fantasy novels, comics, and traveling.

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