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This Wedding Officiant Wants to Marry You in the Nude

Published Thursday, Sep. 7th, 2023

Naturist weddings are more popular than ever before. And what's not to love? Baring your soul... and all the rest, surrounded by nature as you say 'I do.' 


Wedding officiants like AMM Minister Renee Reyes meet couples where they are, helping to make their wildest wedding dreams come true... including weddings in the nude! 




Officiant Renee Reyes is adding a new service to her wedding packages this fall, and we’ve got a feeling things are really going to take off… 


Or at least get taken off! That’s right, we’re talking about nude weddings! 


Renee owns a popular wedding officiant business called The Love Officiant, located in Corpus Christi, Texas. She specializes in unique wedding ceremonies for unique couples, and offers a variety of services ranging from simple elopements to full-service formal weddings, wedding rehearsals, and even helps couples write their wedding vows. 

AMM Minister and wedding officiant Renee Reyes smiles and waves at the camera, wearing a pink dress and standing outside on a sunny day in Corpus Christi

(Photo courtesy of the officiant)

AMM Minister & experienced wedding officiant Renee Reyes outdoors in beautiful Corpus Christi, Texas. 


Recently, Renee noticed an increased interest in naturist events in her area and decided to add an unusual offering to her list of specialty packages: Naturist weddings!


Not only will she officiate nude weddings, she’ll officiate weddings in the nude… under the right circumstances, of course.


Renee's hope is to meet couples where they are, and to offer whatever creative or spiritual elements are needed to make their wildest wedding dreams come true, including weddings in the nude.


For those who might not know, naturism (or nudism) is a lifestyle that embraces non-sexual nudity in public and private spaces. Naturists often spend time outdoors in nature, and embrace nudity as a part of their regular spiritual practice. Just like other communities, naturists gather together to eat, play, exercise, worship, and celebrate, including for important ceremonial rites like weddings.


The naturist community has expanded quickly in the U.S. in recent years, with more Americans experimenting with non-sexual public nudity. People are drawn to the naturist lifestyle for many reasons, but nearly all naturists talk about the spiritual aspects of being naked outdoors. Feeling sunshine on bare skin, the caress of a cool breeze, and the release of inhibitions, allow naturists to connect more closely with nature and each other.

Photo of Hippie Hollow Park, showing lake, trees, and people laying out on blankets, taken by By LoneStarMike

Photo:  LoneStarMike - Own work / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 3.0

Hippie Hollow Park, pictured above, is a popular clothing optional park near Austin



And Renee’s right – naturist weddings are definitely becoming more popular! 


Some couples plan a ‘clothing optional’ wedding ceremony, where friends and family can uncover as much (or as little) as they like. Other couples choose to elope in five-star nudist resorts, bare it all on nudist beaches, or rent ceremony spaces in family-friendly naturist facilities. 


Learn more here: So You Want to Have a Nudist Wedding…


But naturist couples often have a hard time finding an experienced wedding officiant to perform a ceremony sans clothes. Some naturists ask a friend or relative to get ordained to officiate their ceremony, while others settle for a professional officiant who’s clothed, but still considerate of their lifestyle. 


Now, they’ll have a third option: An experienced officiant who’s willing to bare it all beside them. (Or, almost all; Renee wears swim bottoms during these special ceremonies.)



About Renee


Renee is an accomplished wedding officiant, and prides herself on creating a safe and inclusive space for all couples. She told us that she was one of the first officiants in her area to marry same-sex couples and proudly features LGBTQIA+ newlyweds on her website and social media.


She describes herself as nondenominational and non-judgemental and provides services for couples of all faiths, lifestyles, and backgrounds. She’s familiar with a number of unique unity ceremonies, can recommend a fun wedding reading for any style of ceremony, offers coaching services for new officiants, and even published an e-book called ‘How to Become a Wedding Officiant’


(She’s also willing to travel!)



Naturist sign next to a beach

Photo: Annie Spratt / Unsplash


Renee views naturism as part of a larger spiritual practice, and hopes to officiate weddings for couples who feel the same way. For her, nudity in nature makes the spiritual act of ‘grounding’ easier by removing barriers between the body and the natural world. 


‘Grounding’ might sound familiar to those who practice meditation, and it shows up in many other cultures, too. In Native American and Indigenous cultures, grounding is the process of connecting your physical and spiritual self with nature, with all living things, and with the present moment. It can be a very powerful experience when performed with a partner during a wedding ceremony. 


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Renee, who’s Native American, describes her personal grounding process as placing her bare feet on the ground and connecting with nature. It's a way of getting back to her ancesteral roots and closer to herself and others. And as she puts it, “naked’s better.”


We think that many naturist couples will agree! 



Contact Renee and learn more about her officiant business and wedding services at, or connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.


Happily newlyweds pose on the beach following a beach elopement ceremony while officiant Renee Reyes smiles

(Photo courtesy of the officiant)

Contact Officiant Renee Reyes at to book a naturist wedding



Note: Naturist communities are legal in Texas (and there are a lot of them), but be careful where you choose to hold your ceremony. You won’t be able to strip down just anywhere, and some types of public nudity will get you arrested for disorderly conduct or indecent exposure. Make sure your ceremony is in a public space where nudity is permitted, or choose a private venue with the owner’s permission.


Popular spots for nudists and nudist wannabes in Texas include Hippie Hollow Park near Austin (a public park that's 18+), Ocotillo Acres in West Texas, Wildwood Naturist's Resort and Bluebonnet Nudist Park both near Decatur, and Star Ranch Nudist Club near McDade. Check with these locations directly to ask about hosting a special event and any permit requirements.


Find a nude wedding venue: Visit the American Association for Nude Recreation website to find nudist clubs, parks, beaches, and resorts near you... anywhere in the country. 


Updated September 7, 2023



Plan a Nudist Wedding! 


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illustration of two nudists kissing, surrounded by daises



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Jessica Levey
Jessica Levey

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