Published: Tuesday, Aug. 17th, 2021

New Script! A Simple Vow Renewal With Recognition of Children

A vow renewal  is the joyful celebration and recognition of a marriage bond that continues to grow and deepen. These ceremonies remind us that marriage is much more than a final destination, it's the start of a lifetime of love.


During a vow renewal ceremony, you and your partner reaffirm the promises you made to each other on your wedding day -- reflecting on all of the joy you’ve shared and making a new commitment for the future ahead.


We’ve added a new sample script to our library!

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A Simple Vow Renewal With Recognition of Children


Vow renewals are a beautiful way to celebrate an important anniversary, to remember all the qualities that first attracted you to each other, or to honor your growth as a couple. They are often held following a meaningful life-event or milestone -- such as the birth of a child or big life transition.


Vow renewals and sequel weddings are especially popular this year: These celebrations are the perfect follow-up to an earlier elopement or micro wedding. If your first ceremony was smaller than planned because of COVID-19 (like SO many were!), a vow renewal gives you and your spouse the chance to invite all of your friends and family to celebrate your marriage with you! 


There’s never a wrong time to remind yourself of how much fun it is to be building a life together, and some couples even hold a renewal every year! 


This simple ceremony script will help you and your officiant create a unique and personal experience. You can customize the template with moments from your love story, share your original wedding vows (or create new ones) and recognize the special place a child or children have in your home. 


Ask a friend or family member to officiate your vow renewal. 




See Renewal of Vows Certificates in our store. 


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We know that writing a ceremony from scratch can be a daunting process, especially if you’re officiating on short notice. To make things easier, we keep our Sample Script Library well stocked with wedding ceremony templates and sample scripts for you to choose from. These scripts are a great starting point, with sections to add to, leave out, or reorganize, as you personalize a ceremony. 


We have more vow renewal and sequel wedding scripts, including this simple Sequel Wedding Ceremony Script!



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