4 "Vow Exchange" Category Articles

722 DAYS AGO | 4.26.2022

When Should You Renew Your Wedding Vows? Consider These 3 Things

Considering a vow renewal but not sure when to do it? These 3 tips will help you make the most of renewing your wedding vows, whether you choose an anniversa...

974 DAYS AGO | 8.17.2021

New Script! A Simple Vow Renewal With Recognition of Children

New vow renewal script! This simple ceremony script reminds us that marriage is more than a final destination, it's the start of a lifetime of love. With rec...

994 DAYS AGO | 7.28.2021

Singing Your Wedding Vows - How to Add Music to the Heart of Your Ceremony

Thinking of singing your wedding vows? Use these examples of musical vows to inspire your own musical marriage ceremony and vow exchange.

1022 DAYS AGO | 6.30.2021

Exchanging vows *before* the wedding ceremony

Exchange your custom written vows before the wedding to create a unique, intimate moment -- and avoid the pressure of public speaking, or the restrictions o...


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