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When Should You Renew Your Wedding Vows? Consider These 3 Things

Published Tuesday, Apr. 26th, 2022


There’s no wrong time to plan a vow renewal



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Considering a vow renewal ceremony but don’t know if it’s the right time?


Vow renewal ceremonies are a sweet way for you and your partner to show each other that you’re still totally smitten – and still in it for the long haul! 


They’re the perfect chance to make new promises that reflect where you are now in your relationship, revisit the promises that first brought you together, and to honor all the laughter, effort, and learning that have made your marriage a lasting success.


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Many couples aren’t sure when they should renew their vows. We hear a lot of newlyweds wondering if it’s possible to renew them too soon, and whether it's better to wait for a big traditional anniversary, like the 20, 30, or 50 year mark. 


The truth is – you can renew your vows any time it feels right! 


There’s no ‘right’ time (or wrong time!) to renew wedding vows. Every couple has their own timeline. 



Some couples renew their vows within their first year of marriage. This trend is especially popular with couples who married in smaller-than-planned ‘pandemic weddings,’ as a way to celebrate with friends and family during a second wedding ceremony. 


And some couples plan vow renewals for important anniversaries, such as 5, 10, 15, or 20 year anniversaries, while others choose personal milestones, such as graduating from a college program, reconciling after separation, or having a new child. 


So when’s the right time for you to plan a renewal of vows? 



A young couple kiss outdoors during a vow renewal ceremony in the woods


Consider these 3 things when planning a vow renewal:



1. Celebrate a significant milestone


Plan a vow renewal ceremony to celebrate a significant milestone in your relationship. This might be a big anniversary – like your first full year married, or your tenth. Or it could be a personal or relationship milestone that’s meaningful to the two of you – such as having a baby, launching a new business or project, or buying a condo.  


2. Celebrate secure and lasting love


If you’re feeling especially close and connected to your partner, and can’t believe you ever got so lucky, it’s a great time to say ‘I still do!’ And renewing your vows can remind you and your partner of why you decided to get married in the first place, bringing the excitement and romance of the wedding day rushing back as you recommit to your partnership.


3. Celebrate authentically 


Sometimes, a first wedding just doesn’t capture a couple’s true style and personalities. That’s where a second wedding ceremony or vow renewal can make all the difference! Vow renewals don’t come with all the legal requirements and social expectations that first weddings do, which means you have more freedom to plan a ceremony that’s exactly what you want (and nothing you don’t). 


Many couples ask a friend or relative to officiate their vow renewal, choose a fun destination or theme, and include offbeat readings and unity rituals they missed the first time around.


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