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5 Reasons to Have Your Wedding at a Funeral Home

Published Monday, Dec. 4th, 2023

Photo: fotojuwelier / iStock

Funeral homes are an easy, affordable, elegant, and accessible wedding venue alternative... not to mention unique!



Having a wedding at a funeral home or mortuary might seem like a spooky idea at first, but it’s not as uncommon as you think. In fact, funeral homes can make great wedding venues, and this trend is actually on the rise. 


Couples all across the country are choosing these nontraditional venues because they’re plentiful, beautiful, affordable, and accessible… not to mention unexpected, unique, and versatile.


Below, we go into more detail about the benefits of hosting your wedding at one of these unique locations. 


If you’re interested in having your wedding at a particular funeral home or cemetery, it’s best to contact the facility manager directly to ask if their event space or chapel can be rented for a private wedding or vow renewal; not all funeral homes will have event spaces for rent or want to host your wedding. 


And remember: You’ll need to provide your own wedding officiant or celebrant to officiate your ceremony. You can hire a professional officiant, or ask a friend or family member to get ordained online to officiate your ceremony. 



Ceiling of the Chapel at Chapel of the Chimes funeral home in Oakland, California Photo of a courtyard at Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland, California on a sunny day, with palm tree and decorative stone feature on the outer portions of the building

Above: Chapel of the Chimes Oakland Funeral Home & Crematory in Oakland, California

Photos (left to right): Jon Evans from Toronto, Canada, CC BY 2.0 / vonguard from Oakland, Nmibia, CC BY-SA 2.0

AMM spoke with Funeral Home Manager Ed Brail, of Chapel of the Chimes, who told us that they receive calls from couples “all the time” asking about booking weddings. The facility is very selective about the events it hosts and may turn couples away (in order to ensure that there is always availability for families holding funeral services), but has hosted several weddings in the past for couples who have a special connection to the location.


5 Reasons to Have Your Wedding at a Funeral Home



1. Renting space at a funeral home can be cheaper than at a traditional wedding venue. 


As far as industry trends go, event spaces in funeral homes and mortuaries are generally less expensive to rent than traditional wedding venues. This can help you save money on the wedding day, and have more money in the budget to spend on refreshments or romantic honeymoon. 



2. Funeral homes offer an elegant setting with landscaped grounds that are beautifully maintained year-round.


You might not know this, but funeral homes and mortuaries can be very cool looking – great architectural features, gleaming floors, chandeliers, wooden accents and velvet curtains, private chapels, incredible acoustics, manicured gardens, and more. After all, they’re designed to host meaningful ceremonies and to leave families feeling loved and cared for.


Check out these beautiful examples of funeral homes, cemeteries, memorial parks, and crematories… 


A newly married couple with happy friends and family at oakland cemetery in atlanta, georgia  Fountain at Hodges Funeral Home in Naples, Florida, decorative fountain with water and palm trees in the distance

   Marshall-March Funeral Homes interior photo showing an elegant sitting room with luxurious curtains, chair, and loveseat

Top Left: Oakland Cememtery / Lupins & Lava, via Oakland Cemetery / Bottom Left: City View Memoriam, Salt Lake City, Utah, screenshot via Intro Video Vimeo / Top Right (cropped): Fountain at Hodges Funeral Home, Naples Memorial Gardens, Naples Florida, via Dignity Memorial Gallery. / Bottom Right: Marshall-March Funeral Homes 

Check with funeral homes directly to see if they host community events, including weddings and elopements. Not all locations will offer these special services.



3. It might be easier to reserve your desired wedding date at a funeral home than at a traditional wedding venue. 


‘Funeral home’ or 'mortuary' isn’t the first option that pops into the minds of most couples when they pick a wedding venue. Their oversight works to your advantage! 


Less competition from other couples means that there’s usually more availability – and a better chance you’ll get the wedding date you hope for, even during the busier wedding season. 


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4. Plenty of parking and ADA accessible facilities 


Most funeral homes have ample parking to accommodate large gatherings, making things that much easier on your wedding day. 


In addition, these businesses are usually designed to be accessible to elderly and disabled visitors. This often includes ramps and sturdy hand railings for folks using wheelchairs or mobility aids. Some facilities also offer audio and visual equipment with live captioning systems (CART), and ASL interpreters on staff (or on a recommended vendor list), making things simpler for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing couples and guests. 


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5. Funeral homes, mortuaries, and cemeteries are a unique choice of venue that will make your wedding unforgettable.


Although these creative options are becoming more popular, they’re still far from mainstream! That means that your wedding will be sure to stand out to family, friends, and other guests. 


If you want a wedding that’s unique, consider hosting it at a funeral home, mortuary, or cemetery. Just remember that your friends and family might have a few questions about your choice – be ready to explain why your venue isn’t creepy, it’s incredible! 




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