Published: Tuesday, Jul. 13th, 2021

Why every small business owner should get ordained NOW

Now is the perfect time for every small business owner to get ordained and learn how to officiate a wedding.


And we really do mean every small business owner, regardless of your industry… Bookstore owners, bakers, childcare workers, real estate agents, landscapers, baristas, et al... Especially those of you who run a brick and mortar shop, or who have worked alongside the wedding industry in the past.   


Why now, you ask?


Because couples need you! 


The last few months have shown us that couples are beyond ready to say ‘I do.’ They’re scrambling to the altar in increasingly high numbers as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, competing for limited dates and venues with tens-of-thousands of couples who postponed their 2020 weddings for this year. 


But traditional venues and officiants are struggling to meet demand, as availability dwindles by the minute… encouraging couples to get creative about where, and by whom, they’ll get married.


That’s where you come in! 



Photograph of AMM's Director and Minister Lewis King performing a wedding ceremony for friends in the American Marriage Ministries office in Seattle, WA

Director and AMM Minister Lewis King performing a ceremony for friends,

at the American Marriage Ministries office in Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA


This bottleneck in wedding services offers a great opportunity for other small business owners, who have also undoubtedly been affected by the pandemic, to step up to meet demand. 


This means that clothing boutiques and other retail shops are adding decorative backdrops to become adorable ‘micro chapels,’  city buses are being re-imagined for ceremonies on the road, and restaurants are opening their patios and courtyards to after-hours ceremonies. Even more unlikely venues like bookstores, bakeries, and county ferries are getting in on the action! 


Because when it comes to love, all a wedding needs besides a couple of lovebirds is a sweet place to smooch --- and an officiant!

Get ordained online now, learn the basics of a wedding ceremony, and start marrying folks. It’s a feeling you’ll never forget. 


Photograph of a couple getting married about a ferry in Seattle's Puget Sound

A ceremony to remember on the deck of a Seattle ferry,

on passage across Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island. 

Photo by AMM Minister Jessica (who just happened to be aboard at the time!)






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