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Why Every Wedding Planner Should Get Ordained (With American Marriage Ministries)

Published Thursday, Oct. 24th, 2019

Ordained wedding planners can help save the day

Attention Wedding Planners...


Get ordained to serve as a backup wedding officiant, and save the ceremony!




Every wedding planner has a story about the minister showing up late – or not at all. And every couple worries about their officiant backing out at the last minute, getting sick, or not finding the venue.


Sh*t happens, and quite often it’s not even the officiant's fault, but at the end of the day, it’s always smart to have a backup plan.


That’s why every wedding planner should get ordained.


At this year’s Wedding MBA conference in Las Vegas, Renee Dalo, Owner and Lead Planner at Moxie Bright Events told a panel of professional wedding planners that “every wedding planner should be ordained.”


With a background in theater production, Renee knows a thing or two about putting on a show - and making sure everybody knows their lines. If she says so, we know it's true! 




A portrait photo of Renee Dalo, owner and lead wedding planner at Moxie Bright Events. Renee has shoulder length brown hair and a open smile, and is wearing a white lace blouse

Renee Dalo, Owner and Lead Planner at Moxie Bright Events



Natasha Anakotta, a guest contributor and former Outreach & Operations Manager at AMM, also knows about the importance of being ordained as a wedding planner. Before joining AMM, she was herself a wedding planner, and saw first-hand that what couples wanted was someone who understood the ceremony side of their wedding, not just the logistics, even though that was obviously important as well. 


“Every wedding planner needs to be ordained with American Marriage Ministries,” Natasha explained. “We've all heard of those disastrous wedding-day scenarios with officiants who get stuck in traffic, can't find the venue, or flat out no-show.” 


She added that, “Being ordained with AMM means that you'll be ready to handle any emergency officiant situations, and you'll be able to provide guidance to couples if they want to have a friend or family member get ordained to perform their ceremony! I repeat: every wedding planner needs to get ordained. No excuses. It's a free service, it takes only a few minutes, and will significantly boost your profile by distinguishing you as a proactive and knowledgeable wedding professional.”



Portrait photo of Natasha Anakotta, a guest contributor and AMM's former Outreach & Operations manager. Natasha has brown hair up in a bun and is wearing a yellow blazer with a white blouse

Natasha Anakotta, guest contributor and former Outreach & Operations Manager (and former wedding planner)




Couples will appreciate that their planner is ordained for two reasons:


1. Peace of Mind


2. They understand wedding ceremonies, logistics vs. spirituality




Here’s how ordained wedding planners can provide peace of mind:


Having a wedding planner that’s ordained tells the couple two things. It says that their planner is serious about weddings and it says that they can step up in case anything happens; like the time when one couple’s wedding officiant was injured during the rehearsal, and the caterer (who happened to be ordained by American Marriage Ministries) stepped up and performed the wedding.




Here’s why ordained wedding planners understand the ceremony side of the wedding experience, and why that matters:


When you get ordained with American Marriage Ministries, it’s just the beginning. We hold your hand every step of the way, from ordination up to the moment when you are standing up front with the couple.


Officiating a wedding is much more than just reading off a script. It’s the way that you work with the couple to translate their story into a meaningful ceremony, it’s conversations about what sort of vibes they want, it’s working with them to choreograph traditions like breaking the glass and walking down the aisle.


Our online training tools tell you how to perform these important tasks, step-by-step. They make them second nature.




Understanding how to be a good officiant is key to setting the couple’s minds at ease so that when the big day comes, they are happy and excited (and probably a little bit nervous, but that’s just fine!). It’s all about mitigating stress. 



If you work in the wedding industry, you should be ordained too! 


You never know when you might be called on to save the day. And you also never know when telling a couple, “I’m ordained with American Marriage Ministries,” might put their minds at ease, and remind them of why they hired you – because you really care about their experience, and are willing to go the extra mile to help them create lasting memories.



Get Ordained with AMM for free here. 



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