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Published: Monday, Oct. 21st, 2019


What is a Wedding Officiant and How Do You Become One?

Bonnie officiating a wedding; by Orange Soda Photography

Thinking about changing careers? Become a wedding officiant!




Bonnie Sanchez wasn’t a fan of her government job. She wasn’t happy.


First of all, she didn’t like sitting in her office all day, and the tedium was wearing her down. But even more, she wanted a job that held meaning, one where she could make a difference in people’s lives.


That’s when Bonnie learned about becoming a wedding officiant. 


We’ve all been to weddings before. And perhaps at the last one you attended, you wondered, “What is a wedding officiant, and how does somebody get into a profession like that?” 


Maybe it was a particularly memorable wedding and you wanted to be a part of something just as special. Or maybe it was boring, or poorly conducted, and you thought to yourself, “I could do it better.”


That’s what happened to Bonnie -- A few years back, she attended a wedding in Las Vegas where she could hardly hear the ceremony. It was in that moment that she realized that she wanted to become a wedding minister. 


Mrs. Sanchez is now the owner of a successful wedding business, Weddings by Bonnie, and has officiated over 800 weddings and has a career that's given her a new sense of purpose, and taken her around the world! She’s officiated weddings in large stadiums (in front of thousands of people) and small chapels, in hot air balloons and on tropical beaches, and even in family living rooms. She’s done it all! 




Officiant Bonnie Sanchez outdoors at a wedding ceremony

Bonnie on the job, photo from




“Officiating weddings has changed my life,” Bonnie told us.


Through her work, Bonnie's made friends with people all over the country. And best of all, every ceremony is an exciting new opportunity to meet new people and celebrate what makes life special -- love.


Bonnie has also earned a reputation as a serious professional who celebrates love for all couples, especially those that face discrimination. While many churches won't marry interracial couples, non-english speaking couples, international couples, and LGBTQ+ couples, Bonnie will! 


Bonnie believes everyone should be able to officiate weddings, and we agree. That’s why we’ve made our online ordination easy and free!


If you're thinking about taking this next step and becoming an ordained minister and wedding officiant yourself, we say Go for it!


After you get ordained, we offer free online training and ceremony management tools so that you know what to do every step of the way. From clicking Get Ordained to the moment when you stand with the couple during the ceremony while they take their vows, we’ve got your back.



So. What are you waiting for?



Updated June 10, 2021


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Become a Wedding Officiant with Our Free Online Ordination!