Published: Tuesday, Jun. 14th, 2022

Take this Quiz Before You Ask a Friend to Officiate Your Wedding

Think you've found the best wedding officiant for your ceremony?



You’ve decided to ask a close friend or relative to officiate your wedding ceremony to make the day feel intimate and personal…


Congratulations to you, and to them! 


Having a friend officiate is a great way to get your favorite people involved in the celebration, and to show them how much they mean to you as a couple. And being asked to officiate is sure to make your friend feel special too! It’s an incredible honor to be asked to marry someone. 


But remember! Officiating a wedding is a big responsibility, too, so it’s important to choose a friend who’s up to the task. 


Good wedding officiants have certain skills – like public speaking, staying calm under pressure, patience, organization, and follow-through – that come easily to some people, but not as easily to others. It’s important to keep these skills in mind when deciding who to ask to officiate! 


Take this short quiz to make sure your friend or relative is the best person for the role. 




Take this quiz to decide if your best friend, grandparent, aunt, or uncle, is the right choice to officiate your wedding ceremony, and enjoy the celebration with confidence! 


We’ll ask questions about their public speaking skills, sense of humor, punctuality, how well they understand you, their values, and more. 


Then, check out all our articles on asking a friend to marry you – we cover how to ask someone to officiate a wedding, how to get ordained online to marry people, how much to pay a friend officiant, and everything else you’ll need to know to plan the perfect custom wedding ceremony.


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