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AMM’s Most Popular Wedding Ceremony Scripts of 2023

Published Friday, Dec. 22nd, 2023

Collage image of newlyweds and wedding ceremony scenes, with the words 'AMM's Most Popular Wedding Ceremony Scripts of 2023'

The most popular officiant scripts of the year from AMM’s Wedding Ceremony Scripts Library 


This year, our Ceremony Scripts Library helped thousands of officiants and couples around the world find the perfect wording for their wedding ceremonies. We carefully tracked the most viewed and downloaded scripts to share them with you.


This useful information shows which wedding trends took off during the year, the traditional ceremonies that couples still love, the most popular unity ceremonies, the most common lengths and styles for weddings, and more. 


We also noticed an increasing demand for spiritual, interfaith, and intercultural weddings this year, and added over a dozen new ceremony scripts in order to meet this need. 


We’re honored to have contributed in this way to so many marriages this year! This joyful work is the heart of our organization, and is made possible by our wonderful family of ministers. We are especially grateful to the officiants whose original scripts are included in this list: Ministers Paul Tedesco, Jessica Levey, Sherri Crawford, Bernard King, Dyanna Volek, and Scarlett Mullikin.


Thank you all, and wishing you a bright and happy new year ahead!



Most Popular Wedding Ceremony Scripts of the Year


Trending Scripts
New ceremony ideas you loved: 
Our top trending scripts published this year



1. Sweet & Spooky Horror Movie Theme Wedding Ceremony Script


A sweet and spooky wedding ceremony script inspired by all your favorite classic horror movies! With quotes and references to Beetlejuice, Dracula, Psycho, The Witch, Bride of Frankenstein, and more, plus a deliciously devious unity toast. 



2. Pantheist Wedding Ceremony Script with Reading from Carl Sagan


A Pantheism-inspired wedding ceremony script that celebrates the divine nature of the universe and the remarkable gifts of love and marriage. Great for spiritual or secular weddings, with a reading from Carl Sagan.



3. Catholic Inspired LGBTQ+ Inclusive Wedding Ceremony Script


A modern Catholic wedding ceremony script written for same-sex and other LGBTQ+ couples, with suggestions for scripture and readings.




Close up photo of two brides exchanging a wedding ring during their marriage ceremony



Most Popular Ceremony Scripts Overall
Familiar classics & modern favorites: 
Our most-viewed and downloaded scripts of the year 


1. Lighthearted Wedding Ceremony Script with Funny Reading on Marriage


This lighthearted officiant script includes a fun wedding reading about marriage from Wilferd Arlan Peterson's “The Art of a Good Marriage," a funny unplugged wedding announcement, and much more!



2. Minimalist Ceremony Script


Sometimes simple is best: This script is stripped down to just the essentials, giving you a great starting point to personalize a custom ceremony… a short script to use ‘as-is’ for a quick and casual wedding.



3. Funny Wedding Ceremony Script with Simple Unity Ritual


Couples that laugh together last longer! Get them laughing at the altar with this funny wedding script, including a simple unity ritual that can be personalized to suit any couple’s style.



Bride and groom hold hands facing each other during a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony. They are smiling and laughing as the wedding officiant standing beside them reads a funny speech from his book.



4. A Simple Handfasting Ceremony Script


This simple handfasting script is a great alternative to a traditional wedding. Use it as a starting point to personalize the perfect custom celebration. 



5. Short Non Religious Wedding Ceremony With Heartfelt Invocation


This short officiant script is centered around a heartfelt invocation to give the couple and their guests extra good feels, for a wedding day that’s all about love and positivity. 



6. Princess Bride Wedding Ceremony Script


If you haven’t watched Princess Bride, what are you even doing? Check out this great adaptation of the classic adventure for a wedding day that’s full of romance, humor, chivalry, and kissing parts. 



Close up photo of a groom and bride holding the unity coins arras during a traditional wedding ritual



7. Christian Ceremony Script


A simple Christian wedding script with a prayer led by the officiant and references to scripture from the Holy Bible.



8. Modern Filipino Wedding Ceremony Script with Unity Veil, Cord, & Coins


A modern twist on a traditional Filipino wedding ceremony, this non-religious script includes a blessing from the couple's parents or elders, a unity veil and cord ritual, unity coins, a unity candle lighting ceremony, and guest participation. 



9. Simple Commitment Ceremony Script


A simple commitment ceremony script. Use this script as-is or personalize it for a ‘sequel wedding,’ second ceremony, or commitment ceremony. 



10. Vikings Themed Wedding Ceremony Script


'Til Valhalla, SKAL! This original ceremony is inspired by the Vikings television show, with spiritual Pagan wedding elements blended in. With thanks and offerings to the Old Gods, a hand blessing ceremony, and fun unity toast.



AMM Minister and Officiant Rev. Scarlett Mullikin lifts a toast to the bride and groom during a Viking themed Pagan wedding ceremony

Viking wedding inspiration: Damik & Theresa Sabatos with Rev. Scarlett Mullikin of Natural Element Ceremonies, raising the Drinking Horns - photo courtesy of Walker Photography.



Jessica Levey
Jessica Levey

Lead Staff Writer & Illustrator

Jessica loves exploring the history and magic of ritual, the connections between people and places, and sharing true stories about love and commitment. She's an advocate for marriage equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and individuality, and is an ordained Minister with AMM. When she’s not writing or illustrating for AMM, she enjoys city hikes, fantasy novels, comics, and traveling.

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