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AMM’s Most Popular Articles of 2023: Current Wedding Trends and Classic Content

Published Friday, Dec. 22nd, 2023

Collage image shows wedding themes and scenes with the text 'AMM's American Weddings: 20 Most Popular Articles of 2023'

The most popular topics & advice published this year on American Weddings... with predictions for 2024


The results are in! We’ve compiled a list of the most popular articles published on our American Weddings blog this year, and we think the results might surprise you. 


There were some unusual new wedding trends – including spiritual feet washing ceremonies and a return to public consummation rituals. You read about Satanic weddings, how to perform a love lock unity ceremony, found the perfect words for a ring exchange, and so much more! 


We also noticed a few articles that readers returned too again and again. This classic content never goes out of style, and continues to help new ministers and first-time wedding officiants as they find their voice and develop their officiating skills. 


These are the trends and topics that we'll carry with us into 2024, so Officiants take note!


Without further ado, we present to you… 

The Most Popular AMM Articles of 2023


Top 10 Breakout Articles of 2023
New content that caught your attention: 
Our most-read articles published this year


1. 12 Examples of Wedding Ring Exchange Wording for the Creative Officiant


Looking for the perfect wedding ring exchange wording for the officiant? Maybe something offbeat? Funny? Classic and traditional? Modern? Whatever tone you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.



2. Wedding Ceremony Outline & Order : Understanding the Parts of a Wedding Ceremony


This simple outline breaks down each part of the wedding ceremony from start to finish, including what the officiant does, how to walk down the aisle, when the vow and ring exchange happen, and more.



3. What Happens at a Satanic Wedding? Info for Guests & Officiants


A brief look at what to expect when asked to attend or officiate a Satanic wedding ceremony, including common venues, ceremony styles, and more.



A young gothic alternative couple dance outdoors in a forest at night, surrounded by mystical fog. The bride wears a flowing red dress, and the groom has long dark hair and a dark wedding suit.

They're not what you think: Satanic wedding traditions captured your imagination and curiosity this year! As couples continue to seek out nontraditional and spiritual wedding celebrations, interest in these community-focused ceremonies will likely increase in 2024.



4. What to Say (and Do) During a Love Lock Unity Ceremony


Useful advice about love locking ceremonies for officiants and couples, including tips on what to say and do, and the meaning behind this unique tradition. 

5. Are Marriage Licenses Public Records? (And Where Can You Marry in Secret?)


Want to get married in secret? Here’s everything you need to know about marriage licenses becoming public record, and where you can marry in secret. 



6. How to Include the Feet Washing Wedding Tradition in Your Ceremony (With a Sample Script for the Officiant)


Feet washing ceremonies are making a comeback at Christian weddings. Take a closer look at the meaning of this unique unity ritual, how to officiate one, and suggestions for what to say and do. 



Close up of a groom sprinkling water on a bride's feet during a Christian feet washing wedding ceremony

Photo: Samuel Lima / Pexels

Feet washing ceremonies were incredibly popular this year! These unique unity ceremonies were included in hundreds of Christian and spiritual weddings around the country. We expect this trend to continue in 2024, with couples personalizing the ritual in their own ways.



7. Sex at the Wedding: Are Public Consummation & Bedding Ceremonies Making a Comeback?


“Bedding ceremonies” were a popular wedding tradition in Medieval Europe, and we’ve heard rumors that public consummation (aka sex at the wedding ceremony) might be making a comeback. Take a look at the scandalous history, meaning, and modern variations of this unique tradition. 



8. Wedding Ceremony Script PDFs for Officiants: Download, Print, and Perform!


You asked, and we delivered! Download PDFs of our most popular wedding scripts and templates from our Ceremony Scripts Library. 



9. Memorial Ceremony Script with Bubble Release or Flower Floating Ceremony


This sweet memorial ceremony script includes an eco-friendly bubble release or flower floating ceremony. Written by AMM Minister Michelle Rojas. 



10. How to Call the Corners & Cast a Circle for a Wiccan Wedding Ceremony


Spiritual wedding ceremonies are gaining popularity. These simple instructions explain how to call the corners and cast a circle when officiating a Wiccan wedding ceremony or handfasting.



A young woman holds up her hands while facing the rising sun, calling the corners and casting a circle during a Wiccan wedding ceremony. She's surrounded by trees and lush green grass, and is wearing a wreath of flowers on her head.

Spiritual marriage ceremonies and handfastings are trending in a big way, including traditional and interfaith Pagan and Wiccan weddings. Officiants are learning how to cast a circle around the ceremony space, and call the corners during invocations and opening blessings.


All Time Favorites
Classic content that can’t be beat: 
Our all-time favorite articles among readers this year



1. A Simple Wedding Script to Use When a Friend Officiates Your Ceremony


An easy ‘fill in the blank’ style wedding script – a simple choice that’s easy to use when a friend is asked to officiate a wedding for the first time.



2. 10 Sweet Vow Examples for Your Vow Renewal Ceremony


Vow renewals are trending! Find the right words to say with these sweet vow examples. 



3. The secret to a perfect wedding officiant speech (with examples)


Think of a wedding ceremony like a theater play, with you and your couple performing unique roles! Sounds fun, right? We’ve got simple advice for first-time officiants to help you write an original wedding script, with examples that are tried-and-true.



A bride and groom standing happily in front of the wedding officiant as he pronounces them married during an outdoor wedding ceremony

Photo by Joanna Nix-Walkup (cropped)

Thousands of first-time officiants got ordained online to officiate this year! We gave them the secret to success, with tips and advice from experts on how to write the perfect wedding officiant speech. We can't wait to see their continued success next year as they spread more love, kindness, and wedding-day cheer!



4. How to Perform a Unity Candle Ceremony (for Wedding Officiants)


Everything you need to know to officiate a unity candle ceremony – one of the most popular unity rituals of all time. 



5. Creative ‘Declaration of Intent’ Wording for Your Wedding Ceremony


Spice up your wedding ceremony with these creative alternatives to the traditional declaration of intent. Our favorite ways to say, “Do you?”... “I do!” 



6. 55 Questions a Wedding Officiant Can Ask a Couple to *Really* Get to Know Them


Equal parts helpful and hilarious, this lighthearted list of questions for officiants to ask to get to know your couple better. In fact, you might know them a little too well by the end of this list.



Newlyweds pose for the camera in a funny way, the groom makes a face while the bride smiles

The key to an authentic custom wedding ceremony is an officiant who asks great questions and understands a couple's values, personalities, sense of humor, and style. Here's to asking the right questions and getting to know your couples even better in 2024!



7. Un Sencillo Guión de Boda para Utilizar Cuando un Amigo Oficie la Ceremonia


Esta plantilla de guión de boda para un amigo oficiante facilita que una pareja y su amigo oficiante escriban una ceremonia personalizada.



8. Victor’s Wedding Vows From Corpse Bride


Couples of all ages and eras can’t get enough of this Tim Burton classic! Read Victor’s vows for yourself and see why we’re still swooning all these years later.


9. Cómo Obtener una Certificación para Casar a Alguien: Licencia Ministerial, Certificación y Ordenación explicados


Para ejecutar una boda legal como ministro de bodas, necesitas asegurarte de que cuentas con los requisitos estatales. 



10. How to get a license to marry people - Officiating a wedding by the book


Everything you need to know to legally officiate a wedding by the book. 


What a year!


Thanks for an amazing year of inspiration, dedication, creativity, and ceremonies. Happy new year, and to many more years of love and service ahead! 


- Your Friends at American Marriage Ministries


A wedding officiant performs an outdoor marriage ceremony on the beach, standing between a bride and groom and holding a microophone. The bride looks down at her wedding ring with a happy and excited expression

AMM Ministers take their role as wedding officiants seriously -- thousands of new and first-time officiants learned how to officiate 'by the book' this year to ensure the ceremonies they performed were legally, professionally, and with a deep respect for their couples. 



Jessica Levey
Jessica Levey

Lead Staff Writer & Illustrator

Jessica loves exploring the history and magic of ritual, the connections between people and places, and sharing true stories about love and commitment. She's an advocate for marriage equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and individuality, and is an ordained Minister with AMM. When she’s not writing or illustrating for AMM, she enjoys city hikes, fantasy novels, comics, and traveling.

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