Published: Tuesday, Nov. 30th, 2021

Wedding Officiants - Can You Tell When a Couple is Doomed?

Can you tell when a couple is doomed?

And is it ok to speculate?




We recently stumbled across this article in InsideHook about a viral TikTok made by an inquisitive events photographer who claims she can predict a couple’s future, and it’s definitely got us wondering… 


In the short video, Shayla Herrington says that she once worked with a pro wedding photographer who claimed they could always tell whether a couple was headed for divorce or not, based on 3 sure signs from the wedding day: 



1. One of the spouses takes more than 3 photos with friends or family members that don’t include their partner


2. Bridesmaids or groomsmen avoid talking to the new spouse, or mentioning them in toasts 


3. Spouses spend more time with friends and family than they do with each other at the reception




Do you think this holds some truth? ##bride ##bridetobe ##weddingphotographer ##couple ##engaged ##videographer ##weddings

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Oh, the scandal! You can imagine the responses, as folks clamored to either confirm or deny the prophetic photographer’s claims based on their own wedding days.



But, right or not, all 3 of these ‘signs’ have to do with the reception... 


Which has us wondering about the ceremony! 



Wedding officiants -- What do you think? Can you tell if a couple is headed for divorce based on the ceremony they plan? What about the way they act during the ceremony? 


Are there a few clear signs that always prove to be true? 


Does it matter whether or not a couple has friends and family involved in the ceremony? Can their choice of unity ceremony give you a hint of what the marital future holds? Or is the secret in the wedding vows


Or do you try to stay out of it and not make a guess, one way or the other?



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