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AMM in the News: A “Licensed to Wed!” helps a couple create an inspired family-centric destination wedding in Florida

Screen shot 2019 03 13 at 11.57.06 am
screenshot taken from the Cascade Pioneer Website, March 13, 2019

You know what’s even better than writing articles about getting ordained online and performing wedding ceremonies for friends and family? It’s having someone else do it. Especially when they are great storytellers and writers, like Catrina Bruns of the Cascade Pioneer! 

In an article titled “Licensed to Wed!” Catrina told the story of Kerra Boriskey, a bride who worked closely with her sister Morgan to plan a destination wedding in Florida. The problem was, they couldn’t find a minister that suited their requirements. 

That’s when the topic of American Marriage Ministries and online ordination came up. 

When Morgan heard about her sister’s trouble in finding an officiant for the destination wedding, she told her about AMM. “I just suggested it, maybe even voluntold it, and she was all in,” Morgan told the Cascade Pioneer. “I thought it might be fun to involve someone they have a relationship with rather than a stranger.”


Morgan joined more than half a million other Americans that got ordained through AMM to officiate weddings...


We love these stories, because they underscore the ways in which our ordinations empower families to create ceremonies that are meaningful to them! Do yourself a favor and click this link to read the whole story, it’s a great one!

That’s also why you should get ordained online if you aren’t already. When the time comes for you to step up and officiate, you’ll have access to our extensive online training and books to make sure the wedding you perform will be one that folks want to read about.

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