Published: Wednesday, May. 11th, 2022

Wedding ceremony on a SEPTA train! Would you perform this wedding?


An unforgettable Philly wedding!



A Philadelphia couple exchanged vows aboard a moving SEPTA train headed from Downingtown to downtown, and celebrated with a first dance at Suburban Station. 


Autumn Katzenmoyer and Steve Patterson chose the Paoli / Thorndale line for their unconventional wedding ceremony because the route played an important role in their first year of dating. At that time, the couple were long-distance, and rode the train line often in order to see each other for dates. 


The couple invited 50 guests to ride along, and hired local brass band Snacktime to play during their first dance at Suburban Station, before moving to a nearby hotel for the reception. 


Get the full scoop in Noah Zucker’s article for the Philly Voice. 



Wedding officiants are known for going above and beyond to make the perfect wedding ceremony possible. 


We don’t know who officiated Autumn and Steve’s ceremony, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of our creative and adventure-loving AMM Ministers. We’re sure it was a blast to plan! 




Paoli / Thordale train station in Pennsylvania, outside Philadelphia

The Paoli / Thorndale station outside Philadelphia

Photo by James Lewis


Would you officiate a wedding on a SEPTA train? 


How about an Amtrak car, or a metro bus? 


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