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Include Your Officiant on Your Wedding Invitations! A Special Way to Say ‘Thank You’

Published Wednesday, Jul. 20th, 2022

Add a friend or relative to your wedding invites as a sweet way to say ‘thank you!' for officiating! With examples on the best wording to use. 



If you’ve chosen someone special to officiate your wedding or vow renewal ceremony, why not give them a shout out on your wedding invitation? 


After all, your officiant isn’t just another wedding vendor – they’re so much more! Especially if you’ve asked a close friend, sibling, or parent to join you and your partner in marriage. 


Your wedding officiant is the honored guest who helps you create an authentic ceremony, leads you through your vows, blesses your union, and then signs the paperwork that legally unites you with your partner. It’s an incredibly important role that few other wedding-day relationships compare to. 


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Including your officiant’s name on your wedding invitations won’t be the right choice for every couple or every officiant of course. But it might be the perfect way for some couples to express their gratitude to a loved one who’s been with them every step of their relationship, and is now helping them say ‘I do!’


So, is including your officiant on your invitations the best choice for you? 


We’ve created a few sample invitation designs that honor the role of the officiant to help you decide, with examples of the perfect wording to use!


Sample One 


This colorful sample wedding invitation includes the date, time, and location of the ceremony, as well as details about a live brass band, the name of the officiating minister, and a shout-out to the restaurant providing pop-up service at the reception.


A perfect choice for couples who are throwing a full-scale wedding bash or a pared-down event with unforgettable entertainment.


Wedding invitation wording: "We're getting married! / Latrice & Martina / Join us for our special day on 8.23.2022 at 5pm / Fernbrook Guest Lodge, Portland / + Salish Brass Band, Officiating Minister Nancy Harold, & Fire Foods Pop-Up / RSVP before June 23rd"



A sample wedding invitation with orange, pink, and white color blocks for two women




Sample Two


This simple and sweet wedding invitation includes the date, time, and location of the ceremony, plus a heartwarming mention that the bride's father will be officiating the ceremony.


A perfect choice for couples who are throwing an intimate wedding or elopement with a focus on family and close friends. 


Wedding invitation wording: " Nico & Jared / 04.25.2023 / You and a guest are invited to join Nico and Jared in celebrating the day they tie the knot. / The ceremony and reception will be held at Hotel Sorento in Seattle, with Nico's dear father Eddie officiating. / Please let us know if you can attend! / Yes (box) No (box) "


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Simple wedding ceremony invitation with flowers




Sample Three 


This sleek invite includes the date, time, and location of the ceremony, and honors the two close friends who will be serving as co-officiants at this New York wedding. 


A perfect choice for couples who have asked two friends, parents, grandparents, or other loved ones to serve as their officiants.


Wedding invitation wording: "Together with their families / Max & Aaron invite you to their wedding / Officiated by beloved friends Janet & Michael / November 25 / 6pm sharp / Queensyard / New York , NY"


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A stunning wedding invitation example with a black background and silver lettering, with mention that two friends will be co-officiating the ceremony




Sample Four


This seasonal vow renewal ceremony invitation includes the date, time, location, and reason for the ceremony, and acknowledges the couple's son, who will officiate. 


A perfect choice for couples who are throwing an anniversary celebration, second or sequel ceremony, vow renewal, or re-commitment ceremony. 


Wedding invitation wording: "We still do / With great joy and excitement Sandra & Larry invite you to celebrate their 10th anniversary vow renewal ceremony / Dec 17, 2022 at 8pm at the Highball Lounge / Officiated by their son Jason / Champagne and cake will be served / RSVP to sandra&[email protected] by Dec 3rd"


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A seasonal anniversary vow renewal ceremony invitation with a shout out to the couple's son, who will be officiating. Blue watercolor background with script lettering


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Jessica Levey
Jessica Levey

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