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New Script! Marriage of Equals Wedding Ceremony for Non-traditional Couples

Published Tuesday, Jan. 3rd, 2023

A unique wedding officiant script written with free spirits and non-traditional couples in mind


Celebrate your one-of-a-kind love with this original wedding ceremony script written by professional wedding officiant Karen E. Reynolds.



We’ve added a new wedding script to our library! 



This unique wedding script is written with free-spirited and non-traditional couples in mind. It celebrates a marriage that’s built around equal partnership, independence, and creating the room to grow – a love in which both people always have the freedom to be themselves. 


From the script: 


“To be 'married' is the joining of two people in matrimony. Tradition may indicate that marriage requires taking someone else's name, or to leave previous, separate lives behind, in order to become as one.


But while marriage is, indeed, the joining of two hearts and two souls, it is also the joining of two individuals. Two people with their own thoughts, beliefs, and their own identities; identities which are not lost simply by the commitment made to love and support one another.


On the contrary, marriage allows two separate individuals to collectively become greater than the sum of their parts, while also allowing such a supportive relationship as for the complete freedom to be themselves.”


See the full wedding script here. 



This script is simple and straightforward, and contains a warm welcome to guests, an optional ‘unplugged ceremony’ announcement from the wedding officiant, and a heartfelt exchange of wedding vows and rings. 


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And it’s written by a professional officiant, so it includes all the wording you need to ensure your ceremony is legal (like the ‘declaration of intent’) and flows well from one part of the ceremony to the next… giving you the foundation you need for a fun and enjoyable event!


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Personalize it: Use the suggested ‘repeat after me’ style vows, or personalize this script with personal written vows. Add details from the couple’s ‘love story’ and life together to make this ceremony one-of-a-kind.


This wedding ceremony script is non-religious and gender-neutral. It’s perfect for non-traditional couples, non-religious couples, older couples, and any couple who wants to celebrate a unique love between equals. 


See the full wedding script here. 


This original wedding script is written by professional wedding officiant and award winning recording artist Karen E. Reynolds.


Karen is passionate about writing and believes all couples deserve a wedding ceremony which best reflects their individual beliefs, non-beliefs, and personalities. Karen was ordained by AMM in 2019 and has since carved out a niche of customizing wedding ceremonies and helping couples pen unique, personal vows which speak their hearts.
See more original wedding scripts from Karen E. Reynolds here. 




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