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10 Beloved Celebrity Wedding Officiants & the Lucky Couples They Married

Published Monday, Mar. 7th, 2022

The ring exchange from a surprise Twosday wedding for Tu and Thu on Jimmy Kimmel Live featured a sequined, dancing red '2'

You may have heard about the epic on-air wedding ceremony Jimmy Kimmel performed on 'Twosday,' in celebration of 2/22/22, which might be the coolest date of the decade. It was certainly a big day for weddings! 


This once-in-a-lifetime surprise ceremony featured Guillermo and friend in pink tutus, a sprinkling of rose petals, and a dancing ring bearer dressed up in a red sequined ‘2’ costume. 


The bride and groom? Two sweethearts named Thu and Tu – both pronounced ‘Too.’

Kimmel started the ceremony by saying, “Look into each other’s eyes. Dearly Beloved, we’re gathered here today on Taco Tuesday, to join Tu and Thu in holy matrimony. Today you’re beginning a new chapter…” and television history was made! 



Watch the Twosday wedding here. 



Jimmy Kimmel isn’t the only celebrity wedding officiant to make headlines in the last few years! Does the name Stephen Colbert ring a bell? If it does, you’ll be interested to hear that he got ordained with American Marriage Ministries, right here on this website. Like Cobert and Kimmel, a surprising number of celebrities have headed online to become ordained ministers, in order to perform star-studded ceremonies. 


Online ordination gives individuals the authority to perform a legal marriage ceremony – from ordinary people like us, to celebrities like Kimmel – and eliminates many of the traditional barriers to minister ordination, and solemnizing marriage. 


In celebration of online ordination and quirky love stories like Thu and Tu’s, here are a few of the best known celebrity officiants, and the lucky couples they married. 




1. Stephen Colbert


Colbert was ordained with American Marriage Ministries in 2011, and has performed several cute and quirky ceremonies since then. His first time acting as officiant was on-screen for cute couple Mike and Le in 2013, who’d had their wedding plans dashed by the year’s government shutdown. 


A photo of Stephen Colbert officiating a wedding on air. He is wearing a reddish robe, and is standing between a bride and groom. Off to the side is someone is a large bear costume.

Colbert officiates on air, via Comedy Central, with Smokey Bear as Best Man.

Watch the full episode here, including a shout out to AMM.


2. Carly Rae Jepsen 


The Canadian songstress was ordained with American Marriage Ministries in 2013, to preside over her best friend Alex’s wedding. The beautiful outdoor ceremony looked like something straight out of a fairytale (but was really only a short distance from Los Angeles).  




A post shared by Carly Rae Jepsen (@carlyraejepsen)




3. Michelle Obama 


The beloved author and former First Lady became ordained in 2018 in order to marry two friends at a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Chicago. 


Former First Lady Michelle Obama officiates an outdoor wedding for friends, wearing a gorgeous black dress.

Michelle Obama wearing a gorgeous black dress to officiate an outdoor wedding. 


4. Lisa Vanderpump 


 Restaurateur and tv personality Lisa Vanderpump was ordained with AMM in 2013, when same-sex marriage was legalized in California. A vocal LGBTQ+ advocate, she’s performed several weddings for gay fans. Her first was in 2014, for Magno and Dominic Salva. 


Lisa Vanderpump with the grooms and groomsmen from the first same-sex wedding she officiated.

Talk about style!


5. Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga got ordained in 2011, shortly after same-sex marriage was legalized in New York. She performed a ceremony for the first time the following year, in 2012, for her friend and yoga teacher, Tricia Donegan, and her partner.


6. Conan O’Brien 


Comedian Conan O’Brien has been performing weddings since 2011, when same-sex marriage was legalized in New York. His first official act as an ordained minister was to marry his staff costume designer Scott Cronick and his partner David Gorshein. The ceremony took place at Beacon Theatre, and was broadcast on-air on his show.  


7. Emma Stone 


The star was ordained in 2012 when she was only 24, to perform a wedding for friend and publicist Holly Shakoor and director Ruben Fleischer. Stone shared personal stories about how she’d met the couple and watched their romance blossom, creating a truly intimate experience for everyone attending. 


8. Harry Styles


The singer-songwriter made headlines when he got ordained to officiate his agent’s wedding – in a hotel bathrobe! We don’t know if he has any other weddings in the books, but we can’t wait to see what he wears next. 



Photo via Page Six: Harry Styles stands outside with his agent (the groom) and the bride, while wearing a white bathrobe to officiate their wedding.

Looking good, Harry! Photo via Page Six


9. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson 


The Rock was ordained online back in 2015 to officiate a wedding for superfan and comedian Nick Mundy of Screen Junkies and animator Dilara Karabas. The wedding was funny and heartwarming – completely in-line with Johnson’s sweet reputation.  


10. Diana Ross 


The iconic songstress was ordained in 2013, and officiated her daughter Chudney’s wedding a couple years later, when the TV producer married Joshua Faulkner in a stunning destination wedding in Maui the following year.



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Which celebrity would you ask to officiate your wedding? 





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Jessica Levey

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