Published: Tuesday, Nov. 2nd, 2021

New Updates to AMM’s California Marriage Laws Pages

Great news:


AMM recently updated our California Marriage Laws page with the most current information on Confidential Marriage Licenses and the state’s new Remote Marriage License Issuance and Solemnization process. 


AMM works hard to keep our Marriage Laws library up to date, so that our ordained Ministers have reliable and accessible information when performing ceremonies, answering couples' questions, and returning marriage licenses. 


If you’re officiating a confidential wedding in California, or want to know the latest details on how couples can apply for a marriage license or get married using remote technology during the pandemic, visit: 

California Marriage Laws



Look for these relevant sections of the CA Family Code: 


Part 4. Confidential Marriage - Ch. 1. General Provisions § 500 - 511 


These updated codes include information on:



  • how long a confidential license is valid before it expires (§ 504)
  • living requirements for couples (§ 500)
  • how a wedding officiant should handle the license (§ 502, 506)
  • what to do if a license is lost or damaged (§ 510)
  • how long the officiant has to return a license after the ceremony (§ 506)
  • and other useful information 



Part 5. Remote Marriage License Issuance and Solemnization  § 550 - 562 


These updated codes include information on:



  • ID requirements for couples applying for their license remotely (§ 552)
  • physical location requirements for officiants and couples during remote weddings (§ 554
  • instructions and requirements for signing a marriage license remotely (§ 556)
  • and other useful information 




Officiating a wedding in another state? 


Visit our Marriage Law Library to access every state’s laws on who can perform marriage, officiant registration requirements, and more.


Then visit our Weddings by State pages for detailed information on performing marriage in each state, written for first-time and professional wedding officiants. 



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