Published: Monday, Nov. 1st, 2021

How a Fake Wedding Ring Can Save the Ceremony

This simple-but-brilliant piece of advice can save the ring exchange and prevent a wedding ceremony disaster. 



Wedding officiants:  Want to help avoid this wedding day disaster? 



This simple-but-brilliant piece of advice might be a ceremony-saver:


Add a few inexpensive costume rings in various sizes to your wedding-day kit. 



This way, you’ll have them on hand (no pun intended…) if your couple needs a backup for their ring exchange.


Like we said, simple but brilliant, right?



Image of a young couple on their wedding day. A woman in a silk white wedding gown stands with a man in a dark colored wedding suit, they hold out their hands to show their wedding rings while smiling



If you officiate enough weddings, you’re bound to work with a couple that forgets to bring one or both of their wedding bands to the venue, or who lose one along the way. This can be understandably stressful for two people about to be married, but that’s where you come to the rescue! 


Lend your couple a backup ring for their vows and ring ceremony, choosing one that’s close to their size and won’t slip off easily. 


After the photos have been snapped and the confetti’s been tossed, be sure to place the ring back in your ‘officiant emergency kit’ for your next ceremony. 


But will the exchange of rings still be meaningful?


Absolutely! In fact, prop wedding rings are more common than many people realize. For example, ring-bearers are often given prop rings, since they might lose them, or not want to let go of them when the time comes.


Either way, wedding ceremonies are inherently representational, meaning that the gestures and words are symbolic stand-ins for the intangibles like love, spirit, and community. So yeah, go ahead and grab those plastic rings. 



When choosing backup rings for your wedding kit: 


  • Include a few different sizes to fit a variety of fingers
  • Choose simple looking bands - although you can mix in a few glamorous costume jewelry rings if you think your couples will appreciate them
  • Silicone rings can be a great choice, because they’re made from a flexible material that will fit more fingers 
  • Avoid materials that might trigger a metal allergy - consider stainless steel, plastic, or silicone instead
  • Search for ‘stackable ring sets’ or ‘ring bundles’ to find inexpensive options in multiple sizes



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