Published: Monday, Mar. 22nd, 2021

Groom drops ring into Lake Tahoe, wedding ceremony ends in scuba diving adventure

Cover image via groom Andrew Kent & the Tahoe Scuba Diving Facebook page

This Lake Tahoe wedding ring exchange made an unexpected splash. 

A Lake Tahoe marriage ceremony ended in an unplanned scuba diving adventure last week, when a nervous groom accidentally dropped his bride’s wedding band during the ring exchange. 


The ring slipped through the cracks of the dock where the couple was standing, and into the cold, waiting waters below. 


The ceremony quickly came to a stop as the wedding party scrambled to devise a plan to retrieve the ring, and the panicked groom nearly jumped in. 


Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed when the minister officiating the ceremony advised against it. 


(We’re not surprised, wedding officiants are pros at solving wedding day mishaps.)


The next day, the couple recruited an experienced local scuba diver from the Tahoe Scuba Diving Facebook page to search the rocky lakebed below. 


Diver Phill Abernathy found the ring in a mere 30 minutes -- giving the couple an incredible memory and the happy ending they’d hoped for. 


The couple, Andrew and Marlee Kent of Washington State, say that future visits to the lake will be even more special now. 



Find more details and footage of the wedding fumble in

Gurajpal Sangha’s original article for Fox40 in Sacramento. 


See how the story unfolded in real-time on the Tahoe Scuba Diving Facebook page









Make your ring exchange memorable! 


Make your ring exchange memorable! Although maybe not quite as memorable as the one above… As with any part of your ceremony, only stick with the traditions that appeal to you. Choosing words and rituals that are authentic to you and your relationship are the key to making lasting memories. 


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