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3 DAYS AGO | 6.6.2023

12 Examples of Wedding Ring Exchange Wording for the Creative Officiant

Looking for the perfect wedding ring exchange wording for the officiant? Maybe something offbeat? Funny? Classic and traditional? Modern? Whatever tone you’r...

39 DAYS AGO | 5.1.2023

Who Holds the Rings in a Wedding Ceremony? (And When Do They Hand Them Over?)

Who holds onto the wedding rings during a marriage ceremony? Here's what to consider, and our advice how to choose a ring holder and ring bearer for your wed...

347 DAYS AGO | 6.27.2022

Wedding Ring Alternatives: 5 Gifts to Exchange Instead of Rings at Your Cerem...

Looking for wedding ring alternatives to exchange during your wedding ceremony or elopement? Get creative with these 5 unique gift ideas – including matching...

560 DAYS AGO | 11.26.2021

The Wedding Ring Finger - Which Finger, Which Hand, and Why!

Wondering “Which finger does a wedding ring go on,” and why? Learn what hand a wedding ring goes on and the romantic history of the ring finger, from the Egy...

585 DAYS AGO | 11.1.2021

How a Fake Wedding Ring Can Save the Ceremony

Attention Wedding Officiants! Avoid a common wedding disaster and save the wedding ring exchange with this simple advice: Add a backup wedding ring to your O...

809 DAYS AGO | 3.22.2021

Groom drops ring into Lake Tahoe, wedding ceremony ends in scuba diving adven...

A picturesque marriage ceremony came to a halt when the ring exchange made an unexpected splash. A local scuba diver saved the day in the unlikely Lake Tahoe...

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813 DAYS AGO | 3.18.2021

“With This… Goat? I Thee Wed” : A wedding with baby pygmy goats!

AMM Minister Patricia Burgess helps a couple exchange pygmy goats instead of wedding rings to make their ceremony the perfect custom fit!

1494 DAYS AGO | 5.7.2019

5 Ways You Can Create Better Wedding Pictures

Learn how to plan your wedding ceremony to ensure great photos of the couple. Wedding officiants need to plan ahead and know what to wear, where to stand, an...


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