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What Does a Wedding Officiant Wear?!

Published Tuesday, Nov. 19th, 2019

Here, Lisa Vanderpump channels a very ministerial look with this stylish ensemble. She’s already performed several marriages as an AMM Minister, and she always looks the part.

Now that you know what to say and do as a wedding officiant, it's time to look the part.


Attire should always be discussed with the couple to make sure everyone is on the same page with expectations. Many couples will say, “Just be comfortable,” or “Wear whatever you’d like,” but you should still get as many details about their wedding as possible to determine what you will wear.


For example: Is the ceremony location indoor or outdoor? What will the weather be like? Is it a laid back, bohemian-feel event - or will there be chandeliers, tuxedos and cocktail dresses?

Lisa Vanderpump – LGBTQ ally, businesswoman, animal advocate, and ordained AMM Minister!


Couples hosting a casual backyard wedding might feel a little funny standing next to a very formally-dressed officiant, while those having a black-tie affair will likely not appreciate their officiant showing up in a hula shirt and flip flops. (Not to mention, officiants wearing heels will want to make sure they’re not sinking into a lawn while speaking!) 


Truly, you should wear whatever you look and feel best in, but when in doubt: go for something neutral, but polished. 



Both of these looks are simple and easily pulled together with staples that most folks already have in their closets. Simple and refined, these looks would be appropriate for most weddings.


That said, if you want to make a statement, or just want that something “extra” to really define who you are and what your role is - there will be no mistaking you as anyone but the officiant if you wear a stole!


Stoles have long-since been worn by those who perform marriage. Traditionally, stoles are worn with ministerial robes. Choral and religious robes are very similar (the difference being the quality of detail, cut, and material), and simple choral robes are frequently selected by wedding officiants as a cost-effective alternative. 


Today, however, you will find that many officiants simply pair their stole with one of the neutral or solidly-colored outfits mentioned above. The result is a modern, trendy and highly distinguished look.


AMM Minister Chase Lee of One Plug Entertainment: Professional Officiant, DJ, and unofficial stole model

Each occasion and season calls for something a little different. Simply take a moment to touch base and share your plans for attire with the couple so there are no surprises or complaints.


Finally, here are some general tips to keep your officiant attire stylish, comfortable and on point in every setting:


  • Check the forecast!
  • If you're struggling to piece something together, some nice slacks, a dress shirt, tie and jacket, or dress pants with a trendy blouse and/or a blazer will typically fit the bill. 
  • Solid black is usually fine, but if it’s just too dark or somber for the event or couple's wedding palette, opt for softer grey, navy, or khaki-colored ensembles with minimal prints or colors. They will easily create a clean, refined look that won’t distract from the couple.
  • If wearing a belt and/or accessories with hardware, remember to keep metals in the same one. (For example: all silver or cool tones, all gold or warm tones.)
  • Shoes and belt color should always match.
  • Tie lengths: all neck ties should fall just to the top of the belt line.



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