Published: Thursday, Feb. 18th, 2021

A Pisces Season Perfect Pandemic Wedding Plan!

Illustration by Jessica Levey

Pisces Season is here! 


Constantly floating between fantasy and reality, dreamy Pisces are grounded (in their own watery way) in the emotional experiences of life. They’ve felt all the joy and all the pain, learning those life lessons early that the rest of us are still figuring out. 


If you’re a Pisces planning a Covid-era wedding, you’re likely awash in too many options. Why not ask the stars to guide you?



Here’s your dream pandemic wedding, according to the zodiac! 



Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20) 
Dream wedding: Livestreamed bash with videographers

You, dear Pisces, are an emotional, artistic, and creative soul. And although it’s not practical, it’s true that you have a tendency to live in your feelings and often have no interest in ‘reality.’ You’ve been careful during the pandemic, but being careful doesn’t mean you aren’t still a dreamer! Luckily, you’re creative too, and capable of doing whatever’s needed to make your dreamiest wedding happen. 


Plan a livestreamed bash with professional videographers. Your day will feel like something right out of a movie, almost literally… your own personal rom-com streamed into your friends’ and family’s livingrooms. Livestreamed weddings allow for elaborate, lush day-of ceremonies, with guests able to watch you celebrate safely from anywhere. And because good videographers make sure no detail gets missed, you’ll get to experience the day over and over for years to come.

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