10 "Sign And Go Ceremony" Category Articles

Bride and groom newlyweds walk down a city sidewalk carrying a white wedding balloon. They are young and stylish and are wearing sunglasses.

18 DAYS AGO | 6.26.2024

Courthouse Wedding vs Sign and Go Wedding: Comparing the Benefits

Pros and Cons of a courthouse wedding vs sign and go wedding: Compare average cost, number of guests, location, wording and more for a perfect simple ceremon...

Young newlyweds pose playfully at the fair or carnival following their wedding ceremony

19 DAYS AGO | 6.25.2024

Fun Alternatives to a Courthouse Wedding (No Hassle Marriage Ceremony)

Courthouse wedding ceremonies are convenient but they don’t always feel special. Try one of these affordable wedding alternatives: Fun, easy, small, and pers...

257 DAYS AGO | 10.31.2023

Kristen Stewart’s Wedding Will Be a Surprise, Even to Her & Dylan

Kristen Stewart shared an exciting update on her wedding plans with fiancee Dylan Meyer during a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. (...

A groom and bride pose in a funny way in front of a green wall to celebrate their marriage day

590 DAYS AGO | 12.2.2022

5 Alternatives to a Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Choose one of these fun and affordable alternatives to a traditional wedding ceremony, including eloping, a sign and go marriage license signing ceremony, a ...

594 DAYS AGO | 11.28.2022

3 Things to Know Before Having a ‘Just Us’ Wedding Ceremony

'Just us weddings' are sweet, simple, and oh so romantic. Just remember these 3 things to make sure your ceremony is legal, including if you can marry withou...

781 DAYS AGO | 5.25.2022

Simple & Sweet, A Courthouse Wedding Ceremony Script

Plan a wedding that’s as quick and easy as getting married at the courthouse or city hall! This sample ceremony script is inspired by a traditional courthous...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

More Sign And Go Ceremony Articles

783 DAYS AGO | 5.23.2022

How to Get Married Without a Wedding Ceremony

Learn how to get married without a wedding ceremony, including the legal requirements in your state regarding the marriage license, and choosing an authorize...

793 DAYS AGO | 5.13.2022

Our Favorite Ways to Get Married Without a Wedding Ceremony

5 sweet, inexpensive, and romantic ways to get married without a wedding ceremony. Whether you want to elope alone, invite a few guests, or skip straight to ...

804 DAYS AGO | 5.2.2022

How to Officiate a Sign & Go Marriage Ceremony

Learn how to officiate a sign & go marriage ceremony, also called a ‘marriage license signing,’ ‘signature service,’ or ‘signing only’ ceremony. These simple...

950 DAYS AGO | 12.7.2021

How to Make a Marriage License Signing Ceremony Feel Special

Learn how to make a signature-only marriage license signing ceremony feel special with these 3 simple tips for engaged couples and wedding officiants.


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