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Robin Hood Themed Wedding Ceremony Script Set in Sherwood Forest

A young couple pose for a medieval themed wedding ceremony photo outdoors in a lush green field. The man, wearing medieval themed formal wear, is on one knee and holds out his hand to the maiden wearing a red and gold medieval style dress.

A unique Robin Hood themed wedding ceremony script that's perfect for a Ren Faire celebration, forest theme, or woodland elopement! Written with a hint of Old English and set in Sherwood Forest, this fun wedding script captures the magic and lore of the Medieval and Renaissance periods and includes all of your favorite Robin Hood characters, a warm welcome, sweet vows, and an exchange of rings and ceremonial sword. An original officiant script written by ordained AMM Minister Kris Bowen.

This is an original wedding script written by AMM Minister Kris Bowen, and inspired by the stories of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest, of Nottingham folklore fame, and the magic of the Medieval and Renaissance era. 


Channel the essence of dear Friar Tuck as you perform this ceremony for two True Loves! This fun twist on traditional weddings includes references to Prince John, King Richard the Lionheart, the Sheriff of Nottingham, 


Procession / Processional

  • Ceremony begins

Welcome & Invocation 

Officiant to guests

Good morrow to all the gentry and good-hearted common folk that sit before me. 

We have gathered here on this most auspicious day as we join two royal houses into one. It is rare that a (lady/ lord) and their (lady/ lord) marry for true love.This is a love story that has traveled far and wide, from the great forests of Sherwood to the town of London, where Prince John awaits the return of his brother King Richard the Lionheart.  

For love, we have gathered here under the open sky, blessed by all that surrounds us, to enjoy watching these young [or substitute "young at heart"] people join and become one.

Giving of the bride / groom / marriers

  • This section is optional and can be modified to suit any couple's unique circumstances.  the below example includes wording for when a parent or guardian 'gives away' a marrier.

Officiant to Person(s) of Honor

As we know, it is hard to give away your child, for they are a great gift and bring many joys to you. Do you give your blessings to this marriage?

Person(s) of Honor

I do. [or "We do."]
Officiant to guests

Does anyone object to the joining of this (woman/ man/ Partner A's name) to this (woman/ man/ Partner B's name)? Let it be known that if that knave stands up, (Will Scarlet/ Person of Honor) will take you to task, and send you to the stocks!

We know what it took ye to travel here, be it by carriage, horse or even mule cart. You may have journeyed though many a fiefdom and kingdom, avoided forest bandits, and of course the dreaded plague.

(Partner A) and (Partner B) know they have been truly gifted as they look at all of you, for it because of the bantering exchanges they had with you, from the time they were tiny lambkins to the fine pair that stand before us.

You were with them as they hunted game in the forest, and as you all ran from the Sheriff of Nottingham for hunting the King’s stag. You stood by them in times of siege, and famine, and celebrated with them with bread and ale. You were there to help them grow into who they needed to be as adults, to find this true love.

You are an irreplaceable part of their yesterdays, their today, and all of their tomorrows.

 As I look upon thee, I see a rich and diverse weave of different peoples, each with different homes, different life experiences, and differences of beliefs. Yet you are here celebrating your love for (Lady/ Lord Partner A) and (Lady/ Lord Partner B), to wish for them all that they would want for themselves.

As we witness them give their troth to one another, we get a glimpse into their heart roots, and see them create their future. For they are forging a friendship that is a union of spirits, a marriage of hearts, and a bond of virtue.

Officiant to the couple

(Lady/ Lord Partner A) and (Lady/ Lord Partner B), do you wish to begin, to be united in marriage? 

The couple

We do!

Exchange of Vows

Officiant to the couple

From the love that surrounds us, prithee we ask that you trust that you see more than with your eyes, that you will grow wise with wisdom. Be as kind and honorable to the lowest serfs and villeins as you would be to our Great King Richard, as you do not know who they may be.

Know the words spoken by Little John, that faint hearts never win the heart of a fair (maid/ squire), and be the power of change to create a full of life of true love. And be it known that even if you are jailed by the Sheriff of Nottingham, all you have to do is look up at the North Star to know your love is true and constant. 

Officiant to Partner A

My (Lady/ Lord Partner A), art thou here this day in pledged troth of thy own free will and choice?

Partner A

Aye, Friar Tuck [or substitute Officiant's Name]

Officiant to Partner b

My (Lady/ Lord Partner B), art thou here this day in pledged troth of thy own free will and choice?

Partner b

Aye, Friar Tuck [or substitute Officiant's Name]

Officiant to Partner A

Do you, my (Lady/ Lord Partner A), take unto thyself the (Lady / Lord Partner B), to be thy rightful (wife / husband / spouse), and pledge unto (her/ him/ them) before these witnesses to honor and cherish (her/ him/ them), to cleave unto (her/ him/ them), in sickness and in health, in fair and in foul, be (her/ his/ their) one true and lasting counselor and solace, and forsaking all other, keep thee only unto (her/ him/ them), so long as ye both shall live?

Partner A

I will.

Officiant to Partner b

Do you, my (Lady/ Lord Partner A), take unto thyself the (Lady / Lord Partner B), to be thy rightful (wife / husband / spouse), and pledge unto (her/ him/ them) before these witnesses to honor and cherish (her/ him/ them), to cleave unto (her/ him/ them), in sickness and in health, in fair and in foul, be (her/ his/ their) one true and lasting counselor and solace, and forsaking all other, keep thee only unto (her/ him/ them), so long as ye both shall live?

Partner b

I will.

Officiant to the couple

Then ye both join hands and repeat after me. 

You are my heart’s root the true love of my life.
I look forward to spending our life together,
sharing our hopes, dreams, desires,
stealing from the rich along the roads of Sherwood Forest,
giving alms and ale to all that need it,
hiding from the sheriffs’ bailiffs,
and laughing together in the trees.
I promise to be your loving and faithful spouse,
through the good and the bad,
through adventures and days that are mind-numbingly boring,
and I will always tell you that you are beautifull, even when you have a cold.
I love you today,
on the morrow,
and for all the days of our lives.

  • The couple joins hands and repeats each line in unison after it's spoken by the officiant. 

Exchange of Wedding Rings and Ceremonial Sword 

  • Two guests should be chosen before the ceremony to present the rings to the couple during the ring exchange.

As we know, the ring finger of the left hand belongs to the side of the body that holds the heart, and that this vein that runs directly from that finger to the heart, along with many other humors.

As you speak these final vows, while placing your rings on your love's finger, those promises will resonate over and over, through the bands themselves, into your heart and soul, as giver and receiver of the most monumental promise of all, the promise of a lifetime as (wife and husband/ wives/ husbands/ spouses). 
Officiant to the Guests of Honor

Good (Lady/ Lord Guest A) and (Lady/ Lord Guest B), you hold the rings, gifted from our beloved King Richard for our couple's duties during the Crusade, and for saving his Lordship during the siege of Acre. Hold out your hands with the rings, to serve as a symbol of how (Lady/ Lord Partner A) and (Lady/ Lord Partner B), and their marriage, are supported by the blessings of this earth and the love of their friends and family.

  • Guests of Honor step forward if they are not already at the front, and hold out the wedding bands in the palm of their hands. 

Officiant to Partner b

My (Lady/ Lord), if it is truly your desire to become one with this with this (woman/ man/ person), then present unto (him/ her/ them) this symbol of your pledge, and a token of your love.

  • Partner B drops to one knee and presents a sword, and places the ring on the sword for Partner A to take.

Officiant to Partner A

My (Lady/ Lord), you are the most gracious and (lovely/ handsome) person that (Lady/ Lord Partner B) has ever seen, for (she/ he/ they) understands the essence of your true self.

The beauty which radiates around you can only be rivaled by the beauty which radiates from within you. This pledge of this sword is as the pledge of (his/ her/ their) soul. It is (his/ her/ their) fire, (his/ her/ their) passion, (his/ her/ their) strength and courage, (his/ her/ their) ability to protect, defend and care for you.

With the strength of (his/ her/ their) blade and the endurance of its steel to represent what is in (his/ her/ their) heart, take from (his/ her/ their) now, as (his/ her/ their) beloved, the ring that rests upon it, and choose (his/ her/ their) to be your own.

  • Partner A takes the ring from the sword.

Officiant to Partner A

(Lady/ Lord Partner A), please repeat after me.

I accept the pledge of your blade and the eternal promise of this wedding band.

  • Partner A repeats the vow and accepts the ring, placing it on their finger. Partner A then takes the sword from Partner B, and places the blade from left shoulder to right shoulder, to the top of their head, mimicking the action of bestowing knighthood upon them.

(Lady/ Lord A), please repeat after me.
For the child you were,
for the person you are,
and for the (wife/ husband/ spouse) you will be to me, 
I do choose you to be mine own.

  • Partner A returns the sword to Partner B, who stays kneeling.

Officiant to Partner B
(Lord / Lady Partner B), please rise.

  • Partner B rises and stands.

Officiant to Partner A

Prithee, (Lord / Lady Partner A), please repeat after me as you place your ring for (Partner B) on (his/ her/ their) finger.

  • Partner A takes the ring from the Guest of Honor and repeats each of the following lines after the Officiant recites them, then places the ring on Partner B's hand.

With this ring I thee wed.
I take you as my friend, lover, and (wife/ husband/ spouse),
from this day forth,
and into the fullness of time,
where we will meet and remember and love again.

Closing Words & Pronouncement

Officiant to the couple

Today you began as merely betrothed vassals that shared a trencher of bread, a turkey leg, and a flagon of ale. You were once separate and now are one.

Today, you have surrendered to love itself. You have stepped into a much fuller experience of all that life gifts us; as you journey though the leagues of the mysteries and miracles of love. Your hearts roots shall now be strengthened by the vows you spake unto one another.

You have been gifted the wisdom, strength of character, and a divine creativity to make this a happy marriage. You have become one in truth and will forever revel in the magik that is love.

I now pronounce thee, wed!

Officiant to guests

Good-hearted friends, let us cheer! 

Recession / Recessional 

  • Ceremony ends.




Kris Bowen is an experienced inclusive wedding professional located in the beautiful state of Colorado, where she co-owns and operates We Do I Do For You with her husband Ken. She has been involved in almost every aspect of the wedding industry for more than 20 years, working as a photographer, venue salesperson, events manager, and wedding officiant. 


Kris specializes in ‘out of the box’ weddings as well as elopements, micro weddings, and immersive themed wedding experiences. She was ordained by AMM in 2020. 



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