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Simple Wedding Script with Tree Planting Unity Ceremony

Close up photo of two gold wedding bands hanging from the delicate branch of a cherry blossom tree.

This simple wedding ceremony script includes a unique tree planting ceremony to symbolize the unity, continuing growth, and love of a lasting marriage, a moment of remembrance for loved ones, a sweet exchange of vows and rings, and short pronouncement. Perfect for a nature or forest theme wedding, backyard ceremony, eco wedding, and more. An original wedding officiant script written by ordained AMM Minister Dan Henkel.

An original wedding ceremony script written by AMM Minister and experienced officiant Dan Henkel. 


This simple and timeless wedding script includes a unique tree planting ceremony to symbolize the deep roots, continuous growth, strength, and nurturing love of marriage.


This ceremony script is perfect for nature and forest theme weddings, ceremonies held at a family home, and any other non-religous, non-denominational, or custom ceremony.


For more details on how to add a tree planting ceremony to your wedding:


Pre-ceremony Set up

  • At the front of the ceremony space, either at the center, behind the couple and officiant, or to the side, is a table with:
  1. A small tree in a decorative pot
  2. A decorative container with additional soil
  3. Two trowels, shovels, large spoons, or similar tool for adding soil to the pot
  4. Two small pitchers, cruets, or watering cans with water


  • Ceremony begins


Officiant to guests

Welcome, family, friends and loved ones. We are gathered here in this time and place to celebrate the union of (Partner A) and (Partner B). Each of us attending has somehow touched their lives, and we are the community that they have called together to witness their marriage.

Marriage is a lifelong partnership made publicly by those who choose to pledge their fidelity, their companionship, their love, and their trust in one another. (Partner B) and (Partner A) have chosen to pledge these things to each other with the loving support of their friends and family.

Your presence serves as a symbol of the love and support that each of you offers, and allows them to officially start their life together surrounded by those who are dearest and most important to them.

Officiant to the couple

(Partner A) and (Partner B), we welcome you to this moment in your lives and to the place you have earned in each other’s hearts.

We join with you on this day, as you commit before everyone present, that from this point forward you shall live as one.

Moment of Remembrance

Officiant to guests and couple

Let us take a moment to remember those who can’t be with us today, either because of distance or because they have gone before us. In particular, we lift up [Name any family members or others whom the couple chooses to memorialize.]


Officiant to the couple

(Partner B) and (Partner A), are you now prepared to commit yourselves to a life together, seeking to grow as individuals and as a couple — year in and year out, with the nourishment and support you can give only to one another? 

The couple to the officiant

We are!


Officiant to guests

(Partner A) and (Partner B) will now take part in a tree planting ceremony, to symbolize the roots of their relationship and the continued growth of their love, as they become each other’s family today. 

  • At this time, the couple steps up to the table and begins adding soil and water to the potted tree as Officiant continues.

As a wise poet once said, "Love is the essence of human experience and emotion. It is the root of all and everything we, as humans, do. Love enriches our experience and fills our lives with meaning. It gives us a firm base from which to grow, to learn, and to change." There, nestled in the soil of our daily lives, lifting us up toward the light, is love. 

Officiant to the COUPLE

Let this tree become a symbol of your married life as you grow together in love, lifting each other up. The years ahead will bring changes in season, and many types of weather -- blustery days when the sun is hidden behind clouds, the cleansing rain and joyful promises of spring, the long warm days of summer, and the bounty and beauty of fall. Throughout the years to come, let your love stand strong, mature and deepen, remaining steady in its foundation whatever changes life may bring. 

Tend to your marriage as you would any other living thing, with tenderness, nourishment, and plenty of light... and you are sure to succeed. May you be each other’s protective canopy. May your marriage serve as a haven for all the beings who dwell or visit there. May it provide shelter and sustenance for you and for those you love.

  • After the couple has added the extra soil, and watered the tree lightly, they will take their places with the officiant again for the ring exchange.


Officiant to whoever has the rings 

May I have the rings, please? 

  • The guest places the rings in the Officiant’s open palm.

Officiant to guests and the couple

(Partner A) and (Partner B) have chosen to exchange rings as a sign of their commitment. 

The circle represents the earth, the sun and the universe. It symbolizes wholeness, perfection and unity. Like circles, these rings have no beginning and no end. They are a fitting symbol, then, to link these two souls forever. 

Officiant to Partner A

(Partner A), please place (Partner B)’s ring on (her/ their/ his) finger and make your vow to (her/ them/ him). 

  • Partner A places the ring and reads or recites the personal vows they've written.

Officiant to Partner b

(Partner B), please place (Partner A)’s ring on (her/ their/ his) finger and make your vow to (her/ them/ him). 

  • Partner B places the ring and reads or recites the personal vows they've written.


Officiant to the couple

By the power vested in me by the State of (Name of Wedding State) and American Marriage Ministries, and through the witness of all here present, I now (Pronounce you husband and wife/ Declare this union joined / Pronounce you married). You may exchange a sign of your affection.

  • The couple kiss


Officiant to guests

It is my pleasure to present, for the first time as a married couple, (ANNOUNCE COUPLE IN THEIR PREFERRED MANNER.)

  • Applause, recessional


This script has been lightly edited by AMM Staff.




Dan Henkel is a professional wedding officiant who believes guests should come away saying “That was so cool… and so THEM!” Since 1995, Dan has united loving, diverse couples in one-of-a-kind weddings. His upbeat, inclusive style reflects his background as an award-winning communicator, entertainer and advocate. Couples describe Dan as "the perfect fit for us" ... "an amazing officiant" ... "kind, genuine...a delightful presence” … “warm, welcoming, and responsive.” 


Dan's wedding business is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. 



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