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214 DAYS AGO | 11.22.2023

Elope! With Inspiration from Dolly Parton & Carl’s 1966 Spring Elopement Cere...

Elope with wedding inspiration from Dolly Parton and Carl Dean’s 1966 Spring Elopement Ceremony in Ringgold, Georgia. These 5 ideas will help you plan a memo...

A groom and bride pose in a funny way in front of a green wall to celebrate their marriage day

569 DAYS AGO | 12.2.2022

5 Alternatives to a Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Choose one of these fun and affordable alternatives to a traditional wedding ceremony, including eloping, a sign and go marriage license signing ceremony, a ...

573 DAYS AGO | 11.28.2022

3 Things to Know Before Having a ‘Just Us’ Wedding Ceremony

'Just us weddings' are sweet, simple, and oh so romantic. Just remember these 3 things to make sure your ceremony is legal, including if you can marry withou...

760 DAYS AGO | 5.25.2022

Simple & Sweet, A Courthouse Wedding Ceremony Script

Plan a wedding that’s as quick and easy as getting married at the courthouse or city hall! This sample ceremony script is inspired by a traditional courthous...

772 DAYS AGO | 5.13.2022

Our Favorite Ways to Get Married Without a Wedding Ceremony

5 sweet, inexpensive, and romantic ways to get married without a wedding ceremony. Whether you want to elope alone, invite a few guests, or skip straight to ...

829 DAYS AGO | 3.17.2022

Planning a Secret Wedding (Is Easier Than You Think)

Planning a secret wedding ceremony, and don’t want your friends or family to find out? Couples choose to get married privately for a variety of reasons – and...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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831 DAYS AGO | 3.15.2022

How to Elope: The Complete Elopement Checklist

A simple checklist to plan the perfect elopement, from applying for your marriage license, to choosing your wedding officiant, witnesses, guest list, and ven...

1203 DAYS AGO | 3.8.2021

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s secret wedding had no witnesses -- Let’s tal...

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry just revealed they held a secret wedding elopement in their backyard. But there were no witnesses… Was it legal? And what are ...

1238 DAYS AGO | 2.1.2021

Elope With a Dreamy, Teeny-Tiny, Covid-Era Ceremony

Keep your wedding short, sweet, simple, and safer with a teeny-tiny covid-era DIY elopement ceremony.

1240 DAYS AGO | 1.30.2021

876 feet in the air: Officiating an adventure wedding on the New River Gorge ...

An AMM Minister performs a wedding high above the New River Gorge in an adventure wedding ceremony the couple will never forget. If you’re a new officiant an...

1397 DAYS AGO | 8.26.2020

ELOPE: An illustrated guide to an eco-friendly & empowered alternative weddin...

Eloping can be an eco friendly and empowered alternative to postponing your wedding, an illustrated guide to eloping.

1397 DAYS AGO | 8.26.2020

ELOPE: An illustrated guide to an eco-friendly & empowered alternative weddin...

Part 2 of how Eloping can be an eco-friendly & empowered alternative to postponing your wedding—an illustrated guide to eloping.


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